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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Landry is at the police station, taping his confession. He tells the detective that he killed Mike Caldwell (I don't think I ever knew Murder Guy's name!) because he was attacking his friend. He takes a deep breath and says, "I was in fear for my life."

Jason is on a date with Isabella from the Internet. She has sort of rockabilly Betty Page bangs. They seem to be having a good time. Jason asks if it's awkward to ask her why she has a profile on the dating site, and she replies by asking him if it would be awkward for her to ask him why he was browsing it. Jason laughs and realizes his question was a little vulgar, but she gives him an answer, saying that she thought she'd find more "open minded" guys there. She pauses and asks if she can be honest with him and then pulls a dirty rabbit right out of her hat: "Can I tell you what gets me going? ...Pee." Then she excuses herself from the table. Jason is stunned and collars the waitress, begging her to tell his "friend" that he had an urgent family member to attend to. The waitress sasses that if the date isn't going well to just say so, that she isn't going to help him ditch her. Jason is getting desperate and leans in, despite the waitresses repeated scoldings, to blab that he met the girl on the internet, and now she's talking about peeing and he's not comfortable with where it's going. The waitress's mouth drops and she just laughs "What?!"

Cut to Sexual Urination coming back to the table and being informed by the waitress that her friend left. Sexual Urination doesn't believe her at first because she drove Jason and she wonders, crassly, if he just left and started wheeling down the road. The waitress says, "Honey, I don't...." which sets Sexual Urination off. She gets up, tosses a glass of water in the waitress' face and storms off. Meanwhile, Jason has been watching all this go down from the kitchen. The waitress looks toward him and he mouths "I'm sorry" at her.

Game night. As Smash pumps everyone up, Santiago is alone in the bathroom, puking. Cut to the game, where the Panther defense can't get a handle on the opposing team's quarterback. Santiago looks on from the sidelines and the Panthers are way down going into the second half. After halftime, Buddy collars Coach and asks him to put Santiago in the game. Coach says he's not ready, but Buddy thinks that the kid is a street fighter, that he'll get it done if he gets put in. A Trail of Dead song cues up in the background, so we know this scene is going to end in some sort of major crescendo. Coach calls Santiago off the bench and sends him in and things start going in slow motion. The first play and Santiago gets crushed, the next play and Santiago gets crushed. Then comes the song's key change and the camera switches to Santiago's slow motion perspective, his breath echoing over the music, which starts building and on the next play, Santiago busts through the line with crazy eyes and sacks the QB. Everything snaps into real time, the Panther fans cheering, Coach screaming "Atta boy!" Santiago runs to the sidelines, crosses himself, and looks...worried still? I don't think this kid is going to be transformed by just this one slow motion sporting victory. It's going to take at least two to soften him up a bit.

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Friday Night Lights




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