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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Buddy waits for Santiago in the hallway after the game. He pulls the boy aside and tells him that he won the game, Santiago demurs, but Buddy tells him that it's true, that he changed the momentum of the game: "You brought the magic." Buddy apologizes for earlier in the car, but Santiago just says, simply, "No. Thank you. Thank you."

Jason is getting a ride home from the waitress, who is telling dating horror stories, one about opening the door to find a man covered in leather head-to-toe. Shoes, pants, vest, jacket, biker hat. Jason laughs and agrees that that's a bad date but wonders, "Did he have to go number one?" He thinks he wins when it comes to bad dates. He thanks her for saving his ass and then they lean in and kiss.

Matt stands around awkwardly and asks Carlotta if they should set some ground rules. Carlotta doesn't know what he's talking about. And apparently Matt doesn't either as he clarifies by suggesting they "put the fish on the table." Matt stutters around until Carlotta shuts him up with a kiss and then tells him that she's going to teach him how to make molé.

Tim is asleep in the Ferret Room of Ferret Guy's apartment. Ferret Guy walks in and wakes him up with the butt of a shotgun, accusing Tim of not feeding the ferrets. Tim shits his pants and apologizes, and Ferret Guy starts laughing. What a hilarious meth romp! Tim tells him to put the gun down, and he keeps laughing, telling him to come downstairs where he and his buddies are having an "impromptu soiree." They laugh at Tim as he walks sleepily down the stairs, and Ferret Guy introduces Tim to "Shotgun, Connor, Spence, and Petey," and these dudes look rough. Ferret Guy hands Tim the meth pipe -- is that what it's called? I always feel like my mom trying to talk about drug paraphernalia -- and Tim jets out of there like, well, like someone just woke him up at gunpoint and offered him meth. He grabs his boots and says he's going out to get vodka. They all approve of this plan, and Tim doesn't even pause to put his boots on, we see, as he walks outside, hops in his truck and gets out of there. At least he has the truck; this is one awfully claustrophobic storyline Tim's got going here. He's just so stuck. It's terrible.

Jason gets dropped off at home by his waitress friend. He wheels inside where he is greeted by two frantic parents. His dad stands there, arms crossed, and asks if he's all right. Jason says he is, and his mom comes winging in the room in her bathrobe and first three-names him -- Jason Mitchell Street! -- and then tells him that his father was trying to call him all night, they had no idea where he was. Jason's dad then jumps back in and tells Jason that this isn't fair to his mother. Jason's dad is such a tool, dumping the franticness onto the mom. Jason, the whole time, is just apologizing and saying that he knows what he did was wrong. One person who is not a tool? Jason. He promises that it won't happen again and then informs them that he's moving in with Herc.

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Friday Night Lights




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