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Birds, Bees and The Giving Tree

Joe and Katie McCoy get ready for bed. Katie is sad that J.D. is in bed asleep, because she was hoping he might be out on a date. Her husband informs her that that isn't going to happen, because he and J.D. had a little chat the other day, and J.D. saw the wisdom in taking a break from his non-existent love life right now. Katie is pissed that her husband keeps making these unilateral decisions; Joe snarks that it's not a big deal, in a few weeks, after State, "Mercedes or Madison or whatever" will still be there. Katie tells her husband that this whole football thing is freaking her out, and goes over to the window and glances out behind the curtains, seeing Madison greeting a sneaking-out J.D. out by her car. She goes silent for a minute, and Joe realizes something is up. Because he is an insane megalomaniac, he can't let a mouse take a shit in the house without knowing about it, so he goes over to the window to see what she's seeing. When he catches sight of J.D. and Madison taking off in her car, he mutters, "That little bastard..."

Crucifictorious gig. Squawky guitars start picking out a beat up on stage. Matt is anxious for Landry, Tyra's standing around in her Crucifictorious t-shirt snarking around about how it might be kind of bad. But when the drums and bass come in, and Landry starts singing the melody, what happens is that they're pretty good. The crowded room seems to agree, the people up front start bobbing their heads, and in back, Matt notes that they're not bad, Julie adding in that "Landry's kinda cute up there." And therein lies the rub. Tyra gazes up on the stage, watching Landry, and that reliable old alchemy of "dorky boy + guitar + stage = PANTS ON FIRE" starts taking over. Hilariously, as Tyra gazes up at Landry, the Crucifictorious song fades out and a soaring song by the English band Soulsavers fades in. Tyra is bathed in the red light of a dive bar, a full-throated chorus singing about revival, making charmingly literal, visual and aural what is going on inside Tyra right now.

The song takes us over to Buddy in his condo, calling Lyla once again, then over to Tim Riggins' house where Lyla ignores his phone call. Buddy leaves a message anyway, asking his daughter to call him back. "I'm sorry. You were right, Lyla. And I'm very, very sorry. Please call me back. Please. I love you very, very much." Buddy sort of hangs his gin-blossomed head, obviously without a plan, then cut back to The Playgirl Ranch, a long shot from outside the front door, Tim and Lyla inside sprawled on the couch, Friday night at home, framed by the screen door, Lyla grabbing a beer from Tim and taking a swig, the two teens-on-the-verge-of-adulthood also without a plan about what to do next.

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Friday Night Lights




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