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Birds, Bees and The Giving Tree

Ugh. Oh. Oh! Cut outside the strip club... where it is daylight, full blazing, high-noon DAYTIME, and Buddy Garrity is cuffed and being put in the back of a cop car.

Credits. Coach is in the little fluorescent-lit, cinder block cell with Buddy, asking him what the hell happened. He's in his Panthers windbreaker, khaki shorts, and white socks and couldn't look more upstanding. Buddy, his chin all red with spittle and abrasions, tells Coach not to worry about him, to just keep his focus on the game Friday night. Buddy editorializes that the Bisons play dirty, and the refs assigned to the game don't like Coach Taylor. Coach breaks it to Buddy that he'll be spending the night in jail.

Cut to Tami in the car on the phone with Coach, clucking and intoning while Coach tells her about Buddy getting into a fight or something at The Landing Strip. He asks Tami to break the news to Lyla; Tami says sure, but she was supposed to pick up Julie at Matt's at 6 p.m. Coach says he can handle that one.

Lyla answers the door. Tami, clearly trying to hold back any note of judgment in her voice, tells Lyla that her father got himself into a scrape. Lyla is concerned, Tami tells her it was a fight, Lyla's concern turns into disbelief, and then into embarrassment as Tami clears her throat and explains it was apparently at a business meeting at The Landing Strip. Tami assures Lyla that her father is fine, and then tells her that even though she knows Lyla is a "big, grown-up girl and all," she would be welcome to come stay at the Taylors' that night, just in case she wants to have some family around. Lyla nods her head.

Matt. And. Julie. Are. Naked. In. Bed. Together. Listening to some singer-songwriter crooning, they lie on their sides, looking into each other's eyes. Julie whispers that she loves him, Matt says that he loves her, too. Seriously. You guys. I can hear the heart beating as one, right now. Matt glances at the clock -- it reads 5:33 -- and says that they should probably get up. Julie's mom'll be there soon, and AS HE GLANCES AT THE OPEN DOOR TO HIS ROOM, Grandma and Shelby will be back from the doctor soon. Oh god oh god oh god oh god. Outside, Coach has pulled up in his truck. Inside, Julie asks if they can just listen to one more song. Matt smiles and says sure. Oh god oh god oh god oh god. Coach knocks on the door. No one answers. He opens the door and walks in. The camera pulls back to a shot of the house from across the street. All we hear is Julie scream, "AHHHH! Dad! GET OUT!!!" and a second later, Coach Taylor walking swiftly out the door, his face an absolute and total blank. He walks around the car, sort of rocks back on his heels for a minute, opens the door. Julie suddenly appears in jeans and a t-shirt (dressed so quickly by the aid of science and absolutetotalfuckingmortification) rushing out to the car, her head bowed. She tries the door, it's locked. She stands out there while Coach, in his seat, waits just a beat, and then unlocks the door for her. She hops in and keeps her bangs in her face, her glance averted, pointed out her window, they don't speak.

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Friday Night Lights




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