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Drum beats take us to band practice in Landry's garage. Crucifictorious is really picking it up now that they are no longer a Christian death metal band or a Tyra tribute band. Landry has his back facing the open garage door, and he's about to go into the "clapping" part of the song, when the other two sort of fade out, because they see Tyra approaching behind. Tyra asks if she can talk to Landry for a minute, Devin's face is suppressed hilarity. Landry mutters about Tyra showing up at the most random times, Tyra gives lip service to how they sound really good. Landry mutters some about how his distortion pedal isn't really working. Behind him, Devin giggles looking at Cute Little Nameless Drummer. Tyra cuts to the chase, asking Landry if he could help coach her this week for her S.A.Ts. Landry pauses, and then says that it's fine. Tyra leaves, and Devin and Nameless Cuddly Drummer laugh. Devin tells Landry it's like he's a prostitute. "Except... you don't get paid." Nameless Cuddly Drummer piles on, "Or laid."

Lyla and Julie are in Julie's bathroom, sweatpants, ponytails, brushing teeth. I must take a moment here. The tone is just too pitch-perfect. Matt and Julie being so dumb to just think they could lay there with the door open, 20 minutes before an adult was supposed to be coming by. It isn't stupidity, exactly, it is just a complete inability to tear yourself away from this thing that just feels so good, lying next to someone that you love, feeling your body alive. And now, here, these two girls who aren't exactly friends, but thrown into this extremely intimate situation -- Lyla dealing with a major family crisis, Julie dealing with her own -- the way when you are a teenager living amongst adults, without complete self determination, without a space to fully call your own, you witness and become a part of these private dramas with a regularity that you forget once you are on your own.

So Lyla and Julie are brushing their teeth, wearing their ponytails. Julie slows her brushing and tells Lyla that she's sorry about her father, and asks if Lyla wants to talk about it. Lyla, looking in the mirror at Julie, thanks her, and says she doesn't need to talk. Julie brushes some more, then gives Lyla a heads-up that there might be some drama with her parents tonight. Lyla asks why, and Julie: "Matt and I were... uh... brush-a brush-a brush-a... well, we were doing stuff, and my dad walked in." Lyla is very cutely bemused and wants to know if they were "'making out' doing stuff, or, like, doing stuff?" Julie tells her it was "like, afterwards," and Lyla just says, "Wow." Julie bends over and spits into the sink.

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Friday Night Lights




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