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And Transition Guy takes us over to Tami, leaning over the sink and spitting out. Coach is sitting on the edge of the bed, stiff straight. Tami just gets into bed like normal and settles in, until Coach comes out with it: "I found Matt and Julie in bed together today after school." Tami pops back up behind Coach, and scoots over to the side of the bed next to him. She wants to know where that grandmother was, and what were they doing. Coach makes sure it is clear as day to her: "Honey, they were in bed together," and Tami just screws up her face and says "Oh, honey, oh honey." She asks what he did after he walked in, and he's like "I walked back out is what I did!" Tami gets up and says she's going to go talk to her, but Coach tells her, seriously, that if she is going to go in there, she better know what she's going to say. Tami sinks back down on the bed and realizes she has no idea what she would say.

Outside, Julie has her ear pressed to their door. Lyla whisper-asks what she's doing, Julie says she wondering how long they'll ground her. Oh, grounding. For having sex. What a fucking tonal oxymoron. What a space between being a child and being an adult. Julie sits down with Lyla, who tells Julie that Matt seems like a really nice guy. Julie, serious, says that she knows, he's great, that's not the problem. "I just feel like everything's different now. Like I'm not daddy's little girl anymore." Lyla nods her head knowingly and drops her glance. I could do without the "little girl" stuff because it's never seemed to me like Coach and Julie have that kind of stereotypical relationship, but I think that sentiment, that everything is different now, is one of the most honest sentiments I've ever heard expressed about what happens when you have sex with someone you love as a teenager. Things don't become "different" when you're fooling around and hooking up. They change when you put it together -- that new feeling of being in your body AND the emotional connection with someone else. The way Julie looked at herself in the mirror after the first night she spent with Matt expressed this feeling as well; something snaps when this happens, and it makes you feel completely beatific but also a bit bereft.

Commercials. Next morning. Tami and Julie are getting ready to leave for school, Julie doing her best to keep her face averted from her mother. Tami takes a deep breath and tells Julie that her father told her what happened at Matt's last night. Julie mutters "Great." Tami asks Julie if there is anything she wants to say, and Julie only knows one way to go: bitchy. "Shoulda knocked." Tami, behind her, rolls her eyes, and tells her daughter that she doesn't like her tone. Tami says she would like to be able to have a conversation about this, and Julie snarks, "So, let's have a conversation." Oooooh, that response really gets under my skin. One of my least favorite marital exchanges is when I say we need to talk about something and my husband responds, "Okay, let's talk then." Makes me nuts! Tami says she doesn't know how to have a conversation about it, that it's disconcerting. Julie rolls her eyes and says her mom should just tell her what her punishment is going to be. Tami clearly thinks that maybe someone who is expecting to get punished for this sort of thing is maybe a person who shouldn't be DOING this kind of thing in the first place. She tells her daughter that her punishment is that she's going to have to have a conversation with her about it, and they leave for school, Julie bitching, "You do realize I'm 17, don't you?" and Tami is holding her shit together admirably well, muttering that she does know how old Julie is, and I'm thinking she's probably thinking that in fact she has some marks on her body that remind her every fucking day how old Julie is.

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