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Buddy Garrity is at the court house. He's charged with drunk and disorderly, assault and battery, and inflicting $30,000 damage to The Landing Strip. He pleads not guilty, bail is set at $10,000. Lyla is there, with a perma-furrow.

The McCoy house. Doorbell rings and Katie answers it to find a young girl in a short skirt and boots. Madison brightly asks if J.D. is home. Katie is perplexed and Madison puts on a shit-eating grin, introduces herself and compliments the McCoy house, all while Katie coos and hums in pleasure at the thought of a girl coming over to see J.D. Her husband has wandered over, concern written on his face. He mumbles about J.D. being upstairs studying, but Katie steamrolls him and sends Madison upstairs to J.D.'s room.

Landry is helping Tyra study over at Tyra's house. Tyra's mom comes in wearing just a towel and grabs a cigarette. She tells Landry that they're so happy to see him again, they've missed him. Angela sweetly asks Landry to take a look at the pilot light when he gets a chance. Tyra steps in and tells her mother that Landry is helping her right now, Angela just flights back out of the room, "well, whenever he has a moment!" Meanwhile, Landry looks from one Collette woman to the next, and realizes that selfishness and manipulativeness doesn't necessarily skip a generation.

Garrity condo. Lyla asks her father to tell her what happened. Buddy is looking bad right now, even more red and sweaty than usual. He explains that when he found out a business deal went south, he lost his temper. That's all. He mutters about being swindled, about the man basically making a scheme look like a business deal, and then tells Lyla that it's nothing for her to worry about. Which is an odd thing to say, given what's coming next. Lyla gets a bit heated, pissed that her father is giving her the ridiculous "don't worry your pretty little head about it" line when she just had to go to his arraignment and listen to him being charged as "a crazy drunk man at a strip club." She wants to know what's really going on. Buddy tells Lyla that times have been tough, business isn't good, and that what he did was take "the savings money" and tried to make some quick cash with it. "Basically, we're in real big trouble." Lyla mans up and says "okay, okay" she'll get a job until she goes to college and help out, they'll make their way, they'll get through it. But, no. "I used the college money, Lyla." Lyla's perma-furrow turns pained, and she fights back tears as she rushes into her room to pack a bag. Buddy tries to keep her from leaving, but Lyla raises her voice, yelling at him not to touch her. As she leaves the condo, Buddy pleads, "Lyla, please don't leave me." When Buddy got swindled, he just hauled off on that weaselly guy. When Lyla gets swindled, she knows how to hurt, too.

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Friday Night Lights




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