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Birds, Bees and The Giving Tree

Commercials. Matt and Landry are in the locker room, talking quietly. Landry is like "Dude! Didn't I tell you to always close the door!" Blind leading the blind, there. Landry takes it a bit further and tells Matt that as soon as Coach sees him, that's pretty much it for Matt. "I'm looking at a dead man walking right now." Matt looks the part. Coach walks into the locker room, Landry tells Matt that whatever he does, do not look him in the eye. Coach starts making an announcement to the boys, trips up a bit on his words -- perhaps he is nervous, too -- but basically tells the team that their appeal to change the biased refs wasn't approved, so they should expect a lot of dirty play and missed calls on the field Friday night. He tells them that they are not to lose their tempers, they are to put their heads down and play the game. Matt is taking the advice to heart, keeping his head down already, to avoid Coach's glance. Coach gives the boys a bit of a pep talk: "2 games. Then state." The boys whoop it up and file out.

Landry and Tyra are out on the Collette back porch studying vocabulary. Tyra is losing steam and moans that she's so bored. She pops up saying she'll make some sandwiches, she needs a break. Landry tells her that he's got band practice soon, they need to finish what they're doing there. Tyra's like "Can't they just wait for a half hour?" and Landry tells her that no, they can't wait. Tyra snarks about his band practice and Landry gets up and tells her that he's not going to make his bandmates wait while he has a sandwich with her. He said he'd help her study, that's it. Tyra wants to know why he's getting so mad, and Landry comes out with it: "You keep taking advantage of me because you know how I feel about you." Landry starts walking away, Tyra asks him if he is serious, and then he comes back, "Have you ever read the book The Giving Tree?" Tyra bitches that sure she has, when she was like five, DUH. Landry realizes she didn't really internalize the lesson so he recaps it for her: it's about a tree that loves this boy, and the boy just takes and takes and takes until the tree is nothing but a stump. "And I'm like the tree, and you're the little boy. Just take and take and take until there's nothing left. And that's exactly what I feel like, like I'm just a stump." Oh, Landry. I had to direct quote you there, because what you are saying is perfection. He tells Tyra that what they have is not a friendship. He walks away.

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Friday Night Lights




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