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Coach and Buddy are sitting in a coffee shop. Buddy is bitching about the "dadgum" Landing Strip trying to make him pay the $30,000 in damages; the whole place isn't worth that much. Buddy unleashes on Coach: he might not even be able to keep the condo, he's so broke, Lyla is gone, moved in with Riggins, can you imagine what's going on over there, he doesn't understand this, they're in the middle of a family crisis and Lyla walks out in a huff, and when he was in college he had to work for the money and and and. Finally Coach leans in, needing to speak some truth to this talking-with-his-mouth-open Buddy of his: "Here's the thing. Money? Comes and goes, yeah? These kids of ours? That's a one-time deal." Wow, Coach, who so often comes up short in the "talking" department, just delivered the truth to Buddy's front door.

Okay. Are we all ready for this? You over there? Have you taken a deep breath? Okay, then. Taylor house. Tami sits down next to Julie on the couch and turns the TV off: "Can we have this conversation now?" Tami speaks quietly and hesitatingly. She asks Julie if she loves Matt. Julie quietly says she does. Tami asks if Matt loves her. Julie responds, "Matt loves me." Tami smiles so sweetly. The smile fades a bit and she asks about birth control. Julie goes a bit on the defensive saying she doesn't want to talk about it, but Tami stands firm, saying this is what the conversation is. Julie says they're using birth control, Tami asks what kind, specifically. "Condoms. We're using condoms." Julie is sitting on the couch, not looking at her mother, arms crossed in front of her. As Tami looks to the side a bit, Julie steals some glances at her mother, a gesture that kills me, because Julie's vulnerability always comes through in these little minor moments -- like the first time she and her mom talked about sex, two years ago, and even though she was snarking at her mom during most of the conversation, she sort of absentmindedly caressed her mother's back when they hugged at the end of it.

Tami asks Julie if she knows how to use the condoms and Julie says she does. Tami follows up, telling her daughter that she has to make sure to use them every time, because sometimes boys try to... Julie is now looking at her mother, and this "we have to have a conversation" is turning into an actual conversation. Julie tells her mother that Matt's really good about using a condom every time. Connie Britton's eyes are swimming as she takes the conversation from practicalities to emotions. She tells her daughter that just because she's having sex this one time, that doesn't mean that she has to all the time, and if it ever starts feeling like he's taking it for granted, or Julie isn't enjoying it, Julie can stop any time. And if Julie ever breaks up with Matt, she doesn't have to have sex with the next boy necessarily. And like I said before, I have bookmarked this conversation for my own future, should I need it, because this is exactly what teens should be told about sex. The whole "virginity" thing makes kids think that once they have sex once, that's it, the store is open for business for the rest of their lives. But it so is not. It should be a choice every time. So, Tami's voice has started really trembling, and her eyes start brimming over. Julie is getting emotional, too, and she asks her mother why she's crying. And Tami just sort of shakes her head and tells her daughter the truth: "Because I wanted you to wait. And that's just 'cause I want to protect you, 'cause I love you." Julie's face registers what her mother is saying to her, and Tami tells her that she just always wants Julie to be able to talk to her, even when it's something so hard like this. The camera ranges down to their hands, clasped, and Julie's face crumples a little bit and she looks right at her mother and says, "I didn't want to disappoint you." Tami just shakes her head no, and the two hug, and we finally break for commercial, which is good, because the TV has just started looking real blurry to me for some reason.

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