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Birds, Bees and The Giving Tree

Commercials. So, that is how you talk to your children. Here is how you do not. J.D. and his father are playing basketball outside the house. Joe is grilling his son about who this Madison is. J.D. says that she's a cute girl, and he likes her. Joe tells J.D. that now is not the time to be chasing skirts, not right before State. Joe assures his kid that Madison and a bunch of girls like her will be waiting in the wings when the season is over. Ooooh, this guy makes me mad! I mean, it's one thing to be so controlling of your son, but how about that "lesson" he's teaching J.D. about women? "Skirts," "they'll wait," all that jazz. Cram it, Joe McCoy. J.D. doesn't think that Madison will wait, but his father says she'll wait for 50 years if he wins State. Joe instructs his son that he's on a break with Madison, she's on the back burner. J.D. reluctantly agrees.

Julie and Tyra walk down the street in the late afternoon. Tyra tells Julie that Landry thinks she's the selfish little kid and he's the tree from The Giving Tree, "can you believe that?" Julie is quiet for a while, long enough for Tyra to realize that she agrees. Julie asks Tyra to promise not to be mad at her, and then tells her that that is just kind of Tyra's and Landry's relationship. Landry worships the ground she walks on, does everything she says, and Tyra... allows him to be seen with her. Ouch. Then Julie exposits that if Tyra doesn't think Landry has a point, why are they here? Here turns out to be a bar, which the girls have walked into. Tyra is trying to get Crucifictorious a gig there. The manager is not having it until Tyra promises to bring all her girlfriends to the show, and all her girlfriends happen to "look like her."

A song by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson takes us over to Landry's house, where Tyra knocks on the door. He answers, and she coldly says "hey" and then shoves a flyer into his hands. "You and your stupid band are playing at T.C.'s on Saturday night, so don't ever say I never did anything for you, alright?" I guess, technically, he'll now have to say that she has done ONE thing for him. She turns to go, but then pauses and tells Landry to never call her selfish again. "Makes me mad." Oh, Tyra. We used to love your spitfire-y-ness, but it just reads kind of lame lately.

Cut over to the Taylors, where Matt knocks on the door. Tami answers and Matt explains shyly that he's there to pick up Julie to go to the movies and then... "bring her right back home." Heh. Tami smiles and invites him in... and then suggests that he go out in the backyard where Coach is. Matt's face looks like my dog does at the veterinarian's front door. We hear Coach before we see him; as Matt walks out the sliding glass door to the backyard, all we hear is some violent banging and clanging. What is he doing back there?! Cleaning the grill. WITH HIS ANGER (and also a stiff-bristled brush). [Those brushes work on people, too. - Z] Matt makes his presence known, and Coach receives him silently. Then, breathing heavily, "C'mere." Matt approaches gingerly and Coach goes silent again for a while, facing the grill. Oh god oh god oh god. Coach pivots and faces Matt and speaks quickly like a Dad Samurai. He tells Matt that he knows his father is in Iraq, but he's sure that they'd agree on one thing, that women are to be respected. Matt says "Yes, sir." Coach turns back to the grill, but then turns around once more and glares at Matt: "That is my daughter!" Matt just says, again, "Yes, sir." In his reticent way, Coach really dealt with this situation well. As a father figure, he gives Matt guidance. As the father of Matt's girlfriend, he gives Matt a fucking red flag warning. And Matt, in his reticent way, does his part, as well: stay quiet and agree.

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