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The Playgirl Ranch. Buddy is knocking on the door and calling for Lyla. Tim asks Lyla what she's going to do, Buddy stays outside making a racket, saying he doesn't care if he wakes up all the neighbors. Lyla finally gets up and goes outside, her ponytail flying. Buddy tells her that she needs to come home, this is no excuse to play house with her boyfriend. Lyla, arms crossed, can't believe he's trying to lecture her on morals. Buddy says he'll work it out, but Lyla wonders how exactly he'll do that, he's $20,000 in the hole for ripping up a strip club. Buddy tells her that she's acting like a spoiled brat. Lyla's perma-furrow is deepening and deepening in expressiveness. (Minka Kelly, if you ever get Botox, so help me...) She can't believe he's calling her spoiled, and when he starts laying into her mom for taking money from him, Lyla thrusts a pointed finger into his chest repeatedly, screaming that he will NOT blame mom for this, he was the one who cheated, who threw his family away, and she's the only idiot that stuck by him. She cries that they'd been saving that money since she was a baby, that she was told if she made the grades it was hers, and he didn't even ask. He just does whatever he wants and wonders why everyone hates him. She storms back into the house with Buddy behind her yelling that she is not to walk away. The delivery comes out all garbled and heated, just like in a real argument: "You DOE not walk away from me..." He reaches for the doorknob of the front door that's been slammed in his face, but just then Tim Riggins opens it from inside and stands in his way. Buddy tells "Tim Riggins" that he is going to talk to his daughter right now, but Tim just shakes his head and says "Not right now," Buddy shouts some more, but Tim stays calm and tells Buddy that he needs to go. Please. Oh, Tim Riggins. Please come stand in my doorway sometime.

Commercials. The Panthers are outside school filing onto the bus on their way to their away game. Madison gets in J.D.'s space, hugging him and going in for a good luck kiss, but J.D. pulls away and says that maybe they should just "lay off for a while." Madison is like, "You're throwing away a nice piece of tail here." Funnily enough, the other guys on the bus who are watching this go down say the same thing! Tim watches J.D. like he's watching his little brother take his first hit off a crack pipe, except here the crack pipe is an abstinence-only pledge. J.D. walks on the bus, and Tim pats the seat next to him. Tim asks J.D. if he just dropped that gal; J.D. doesn't know what he just did. Tim turns to him and says, "Cuz, you know what's good before a game? Getting laid. A lot." J.D. mentions that that won't happen because of his dad. Tim asks him how he could expect all the other players to battle for him every night, if he can't even make decisions about who to have teen sex with and who NOT to have teen sex with. Tim is making a good point: the quarterback needs to command respect from his players, but it seems kind of socially depressing, you know, that the only way J.D. can gain that respect is by doing some hot little redhead.

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Friday Night Lights




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