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Commercials. Lions and Park Kids lined up, getting the lecture from D'Angelo about how this is going to be a clean game, no crap. D'Angelo wins the toss for his Park Kids and the game starts. Lions get a nice run, everyone lines up and the Park Kids are giving Vince shit for being on the wrong side. Vince just grins and tells them they'll see, but he gets sacked on this snap. Coach grimaces. D'Angelo wonders if he should say something to his guys, but Coach says, nah, they're alright. In the huddle, Vince tells the Lions that he knows these players, to beat them, they can't give up and they can't back down. Vince gets a good run, gets pushed out of bounds where he's caught by Virgil in a semi-fatherly way. Next snap, Vince tosses the ball to Landry, who pulls back and launches the ball waaaay down the field-- Coach is like "Whaaa?" as the ball goes flying"-- straight into Vince's hands in the endzone. The boys celebrate in a fun boy way and Coach smiles. He loves nothing more than some kids truly loving the game. Next snap, Street Kids launch a ball way down field for a touchdown. They all celebrate, and you guys, THEY TOO LOVE THE GAME!!! Next snap goes to a little Street Kid who runs the ball real quick. Coach asks D'Angelo for the kid's name -- it's Maurice -- and Coach calls him over. He asks how old he is, and where he goes to school. Maurice answers and just generally looks precious. Coach asks if he wants to play some football next year when he gets to high school, and Maurice says of course. Coach tells Maurice to come find him next year, and he says "Yes, sir." Maurice runs back to the field with a "Thanks, Coach!" and Coach turns to D'Angelo and tells him to make sure Maurice comes and sees him. So the goal here is to slowly drain the Park Kids team into the Lions team. I mean, I get it, but it's still kind of sad, right?

Next morning, a pair of shoes hang suspended from the electrical wire. The park is empty in the daylight. Coach and Tami drive down the road. Coach knows that he owes her a date. Coach says that he knows they aren't the McCoys but he also realizes that "our relationship needs nurturing." Tami giggles. He said "nurturing!" He protests that he was being serious, and Tami says she loves him to pieces for that. She suddenly tells him to turn left. They arrive at the banks of a pretty lake. Tami remarks on how beautiful it is there. "Does it ring any bells for you, hun?" He doesn't get it at first, so she prompts him: "Remember -- alright, not our first date, but our first date?" He clarifies, "That would be our first date or our first date?" C'mon you guys nobody (except a few million people) is listening -- you can say "where we first had sex"! Coach says that he vaguely remembers. She leans over to kiss him and mumbles about what a long time it's been. They hold each other's faces (in the way that normal people never do-- am I right? Do you spend time gripping the sides of your partner's face while kissing? Am I missing out on not making a habit of this?) and Coach whispers, "Damn, I love you" and Tami replies, "Damn, I love you, too, babe." Another big round of applause for the Taylors, everyone!

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