Friday Night Lights

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Stand and Deliver

Pretty establishing shot of Tim Riggin's Trailer of Love and Puppy Interviews. Becky knocks on the door, Tim comes out. She asks, with teary eyes, if they can talk. She says she wants to talk about a few things. First, it hurt her that he said that kissing her was a mistake, because it meant something to her. Tim, confused, tells her that he doesn't ever mean to hurt her, and it was just that since the kiss she's seemed different, she seems lost. Oh, because she seemed like she was on the right track before? Tim Riggins, not the best judge of character in town. Becky finally blurts it out, "Tim, I'm pregnant." She says it again, and she tells him that she doesn't know what she's going to do, and she is so scared. He brings her in for a bear hug and tells the snuffling teen that she's going to be fine, she'll be fine. Tim Riggins: faking it 'til he makes it.

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Friday Night Lights




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