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Credits. Morning, Taylor house. Julie's at the table, Tami walks in wearing a smokin' hot wrap dress. They say good morning and Julie asks where her dad is. He's down at the police station, Tami tells her, because of the shooting that happened the night before. Julie sets up a storyline by telling her mom that she feels like her mom and dad are never in the same place at the same time anymore. Tami sighs and agrees. Then Tami sets up the next storyline, asking Julie if she's excited about Habitat for Humanity today. Julie says she's getting there, and then teases her mom about forcing her to do it. They spar for a bit about whose idea it was, the consensus being that it's for her college applications, anyhow.

Coach, at the police station. The kid is going to be okay. The policeman asks Coach what he was doing down at Carroll Park anyway. Coach wonders if it's always that dangerous in the park, and the policeman gets defensive, saying they can't man it 24-7. Coach isn't asking that, it's just that he has a lot of players that live in the area and he's wondering about one extra policeman and maybe having the lights turned on. The policeman says he's been to the mayor himself, and she can't do anything about the lights, there's scarce resources. Coach sighs and says "It's always all about the money, iddin-it."

Becky slumps through the house and runs into shirtless, fresh-outta-the-shower Tim Riggins. He sort of excuses himself, saying he was "due for a rinse." Becky barely acknowledges him and goes into her room. Tim calls after her, asking if she's okay, and she pops her head back out and frowns "Yeah, fine." Tim mutters "good times" and shuffles off to his Trailer of Love and Puppy Interviews.

At school, Glenn accosts Coach Taylor in the cafeteria. Coach is surprised and seems pleased to see him, shaking his hand: "How's everything on the West side?" Glenn apologizes for dropping in on him like this. Coach is confused. Glenn then launches into the most ill-advised verbal vomit apology ever: he tells Coach that he appreciates Coach taking the high road, and he's a science teacher and he knows how these things work -- adrenaline and hormones and all that -- and by all accounts Coach should just deck him. It is at this point that Coach finally interrupts and is like "What the hell are you talking about?" Glenn realizes what's going on, and now this apology has gone from ill-advised to BP as he asks Coach, "Tami didn't tell you what happened the other night?" Coach says no, and Glenn kind of mutters "Oh, no, okay, uh..." and then finally just comes out with it, "I kissed your wife." During the confession, the camera films from behind Glenn's left shoulder so we get a framed shot of Coach's eyes full of disbelief and confusion and "ewwww." Glenn continues to explain -- come on now, Glenn-- about how they were at karaoke and he was excitable and "next thing I know my lips are on her lips and I thought 'wow, my mouth is on Tami Taylor's mouth' and she pushed me back and told me that can't ever happen again, and I had to get it off my chest, Coach." So now that Glenn has ceased the flow of nonsense out of his lips, it's Coach's turn to respond. But first? He has to consult his hair. He kind of grab-scratches at his cap as if to ask the hair underneath, "What now?" Coach nods, his mouth tight and he just sort of says "Okay!" and Glenn is like "Okay?" and Coach breaks into this awesome semi-hysterical type of chuckle as he keeps nodding and tilting his head and says "Hahaha I don't know what else to say, okay!!!" Glenn backs out of the doorway and tells Coach that he'll see him around the game or something and then Coach snaps a bit, "Oh you'll see me sooner than that." Glenn continues slinking out, now apologizing and bowing and apologizing. What a wonderously horrible scene!

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