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Tami's office. She tells Joe McCoy that she appreciates him coming in today; she needs to talk to him because they're having trouble with J.D., who called his math teacher a bitch and was disrespectful to Tami and so will be in detention for the week, missing practice. Joe just sort of shakes his head and says that he thinks this is for the best. Tami is surprised at Joe's reaction, and he continues, saying that J.D. has been a handful, he won't listen, and that Joe believes J.D. cannot go around treating people like crap. Tami, still surprised, finds herself agreeing, in a slightly overdetermined way: "That's right. There need to be consequences." Joe says that J.D.'s acted out a lot since the split, whereupon Tami interjects, "Excuse me, the split? You don't mean you and Katie?" and Joe confirms it. Tami brings her perfectly empathetic hand to her mouth and says she's so sorry, she didn't know. Joe seems down and broken as he looks at her and says "It happens. I guess it can happen to anybody." Tami: "Yes it can."

Lions practice. Buddy hangs next to Coach who asks him if he's seen Mayor Rodell lately. Buddy says no, she's mad at him since the mailbox incident. Coach tells Buddy about how a 12-year-old kid got shot at Carroll Park and he wants to turn the lights on. Buddy is immediately psyched about this idea, "Take back the park, I love that!" Coach quickly says he's not trying to take anything back, he just wants to clean it up a bit. Buddy says he'll talk to the mayor and see if they can raise some money or something; Coach wonders how, since Buddy just said she's mad at him. Buddy: "Well, you know we go back. We have a little history. Before she started playing for the other team? You know what I mean?" Together with Buddy's flashing recently-whitened teeth, that is some imagery I would like to have cleaned up a bit out of my brain.

Julie is laying tile. An extremely douchey "looker" comes over and Dutch-blondes to her that her work is good. She is pleased, "It's Ryan, isn't it?" They make conversation about how hard the work is, until he leisurely crouches down and says that he hates to tell her this but she's tiling the closet when she was supposed to tile the kitchen. And then he points his thumb back over his shoulder and makes a terrible "ccchhk" sound with his mouth. Hate. Julie is semi-embarrassed, she apologizes for not focusing better, there's just so many things going on in her life! He blabs about building and meditation and keeping your brain in the moment and I just want Julie to mount this kid already, since he's clearly the hump (har har) she needs to get over to get over Matt.

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