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Vince knocks on Coach's office door. He sits down and tells Coach that he is in need of cash, and has been trying to find work but there's not a lot of jobs that are cool with him having a record. Can Coach help? Coach wonders if Vince is asking him to look around for him; Vince says, sure, and that also he wonders if he can put Coach's name down as a reference, so when they call he can just say that Vince plays football for him and is doing good and stuff. So sweet. Coach tells him to go ahead and do that, and he'll look around for him. Vince is surprised and delighted -- too heartbreakingly surprised, as if no one has ever done anything for him in his entire life.

Becky waits for Luke outside of school. She pulls him aside, he's excited to talk to her, but she interrupts and blurts out that she has bad news: "I'm pregnant and it's yours and I need an abortion." It's really expensive-- $300-- and she doesn't have all the money but she can come up with half if he can come up with the other half. Luke is completely left behind here, at least ten paces back from where Becky is. He's like "Okay" but then wonders if she's talked to her mom. Becky declares that she's doing this and he doesn't need to be involved but she needs help with the money. Luke, still confused just says "Okay. Yes." She walks away and leaves him there struggling to catch up.

Commercials. Eric and Tami lay in bed in the morning. Coach mentions that Glenn stopped by East Dillon yesterday. Tami: "Uh oh. What did he have to say?" Coach tells his wife that Glenn just wanted to share a little experience he had over at the karaoke bar. Tami wants to know what he said, but Coach suggests that she tell him what went on that night, and Tami just sort of groans, "Oh, he was sooo drunk" and starts babbling about how she wanted to tell him but they've been so busy. And Coach just starts to lament, "You kissed Glenn!!!!" Tami asks whether he hit Glenn, and Coach says no but what is she so worried about him for? Tami keeps babbling on her side, while Coach babbles on his: "You just happen to get kissed by so many people over at school now, you forget to even talk about it?" Hee. Tami tells her husband to stop blaming the victim, "You're blaming the victim!" Coach screws up his face and moans, "Do you realize that by proxy now I've kissed Glenn?" Tami busts out laughing at how awful that is. Then she changes the subject-- because these people are adults and are in a loving and steadfast relationship and this Glenn thing is NOTHING to them. She asks Coach if he heard that Joe and Katie McCoy are getting a divorce. He hadn't heard. Then Tami rolls on her side and props her head in her hand and tells Coach that she thinks they need a date. Coach says he'll go on a date with her, "post-baby-down date!" Some nice wine, check what year it is, they just sort of mumble and joke as they lean in and get smoochy-huggy on each other. So, see, the thing that Joe McCoy just said: "It could happen to anybody." Well, I guess, technically, sure. But it won't happen to Eric and Tami, because they take care of their relationship. So, really it doesn't just happen, people kind of let it happen.

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