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Buddy walks into Ray's BBQ and spars a bit with Virgil Merriweather. Buddy pretends to not know what he wants to eat, Virgil: "baby back ribs, side of collards, you get it every damn time." Virgil notices Buddy's suit and remarks on it; Buddy tells him that he just went to see Mayor Rodell, trying to get the lights turned on in Carroll Park, see if we can't get it cleaned up a bit. Virgil: "Is that right? You an idiot, Buddy." Virgil tells him that he's an idiot to think his white ass can fix things. Buddy tells him that they're trying to organize, and "maybe you could help us out a little bit instead of criticizin'." Virgil tells Buddy that he's going to get his ass kicked. Buddy takes his food and goes to sit down, asks for some water, "please." Virgil comes around and sits down with Buddy, tells him that they're going to need someone to talk to the kids, and he knows a guy who's an ex-minister community organizer. Quick change of heart, sets Buddy on the right track.

Ew. Landry and Jess are making out in his car and it's kind of gross. Jess has to go to work, Landry wants to see her again, Jess works every night. Landry wonders whether this is the first step toward them breaking up, Jess jokingly agrees with him, but then suggests that he come by after closing tomorrow, he can help her clean up. "What does that mean?" Landry wonders. "Use your imagination" Jess replies. Oh, dear. I'm too grossed out by these two right now.

Habitat. Julie and Ryan hang around in hoodies and flannel and other emo heartbreak clothing. They make conversation about Habitat and how it's more than just resumé-padding. Ryan says he's about to go grab some food and he wonders whether Julie wants to come. Julie pauses and "ums" for a minute before going into some Glenn-style word vomit: "Look, you're really nice and cute but I got out of a really long, really serious relationship and I'm... still broken." Ryan switches panty tactics and says that he totally gets it, he's been there himself. Then he goes to pack up his circle saw. Which apparently makes Julie rethink a few things; she wonders whether they should just skip lunch and act spontaneously: let's just kiss, no strings attached. Ryan is pleased and suddenly slightly less Evangelical-seeming. He comes over and they make out big time.

Taylors. Tami has just finished putting Gracie to bed and comes out to whisper excitedly to her husband about how much she needs a drink of the wine they've got there. But Coach tells her that he has to take a rain check: Buddy just called, Virgil's gotten them in touch about meeting with a guy who can help with the kids down in the park, and the meeting has to be tonight. Tami just shrugs and says "alright," and as Coach leaves she deadpans that she'll just call Glenn. Coach dishes it right back, "Makes sure he doesn't drink all my scotch" but Tami gets the last word: "I'm not making any guarantees about what Glenn's gonna do or not gonna do."

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Friday Night Lights




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