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Stand and Deliver

Eric, Buddy and Virgil knock on a door that is answered by... D'Angelo Barksdale! How exciting! Except this time, he's a tsk tsk, mmn hmmh kind of dude, wearing reading glasses with an eyeglass chain. Also, according to the establishing shot, he lives in the apartment next door to Vince's. Okay, whatever. Buddy compliments the apartment and D'Angelo says that he's lived there since he got out of jail. Oooh, no-nonsense AND an ex-con? This guy is going to tsk tsk us right into some volunteer work. Buddy explains that "we're trying to clean up Carroll Park, take it back." D'Angelo is like "take it back from who?" and Coach realizes the vocabulary misstep Buddy's made. He says they're not trying to take anything back, just trying to get the lights turned on. Coach says he wants somewhere safe for his players to be at night. D'Angelo doesn't want to offend Eric, and he's sure he's a great football mind just like everyone says, but there's a lot more problems in Carroll Park than the lights. "So my question to you is, do you really want to make a difference, or are you just feeling sad cuz you saw a boy got shot?" Coach thinks a moment and answers: "Both." Which is really an honest answer. It acknowledges the white bubble he lives in, the kind that unfortunately only gets pierced once in a while by something like the shooting; it acknowledges that, as unfortunate as it may be, it usually does take something close to home to incite someone to try to make a change. D'Angelo goes into planning mode: they need money for programs, they need local businesses to send money and not just this week because there's a boy in the hospital. And as far as "the Great White Hope coming in to save the day"-- the boys can't see Coach as an outsider. (Begging the question: what about the girls?) Coach needs to give the kids a reason to believe in "this thing, whatever this thing is." Buddy declares he's got an idea: a football game! Between the Lions versus the kids at the park. Coach resists, but Virgil thinks it's a good idea. Buddy puts it to D'Angelo, who nods and says the kids do love football. Buddy: "Everyone loves football!"

Commercials. Lions field. Coach is telling the kids, kneeling in a half circle around him, that this whole thing is a voluntary, and its okay if they don't want to participate. But if they do want to play the game against the park kids, there's going to be rules, this isn't going to be a street brawl. He sends the kids into practice, but pulls Vince aside for a moment. He's talked to Big Merri (what everyone starts calling Virgil Merriweather this episode) and he's got need of some help. Vince tries to protest-- "that's not, that's not what I was expecting." Coach doesn't have time for his drama, though, and says it's a job, that's what Vince wants, and Vince better not let him down, "I stuck my neck out for you."

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Friday Night Lights




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