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Stand and Deliver

Cut over to Ray's BBQ where Virgil lectures Vince on the rules. Be there on time, no flirting with the girls, no "jaw jacking" with the guys. Now I've got my new favorite phrase: "jaw jacking." He starts at minimum wage, it won't be a lot, he won't get rich there. Vince is on his best behavior, telling Virgil that with all due respect he just wants a job to keep him out of trouble, put some food on the table. Virgil leans in a bit and says "Last thing: Stay away from my daughter. She don't want it, I don't neither." Vince says he's crystal clear, and Virgil tells him to go get an apron. Vince tries to have a heartfelt moment with the cranky old dad, saying "Thank you" in a meaningful tone, but Virgil just repeats himself: "Go on back and get you an apron."

Tami stops by to check on Julie at her Habitat house. Julie's out at the end of the driveway working at some sawhorses, safety glasses perched cutely on top of her head. Tami rocks some slacks. God, the woman can do anything, even turning mom slacks into something hot. They chat for a while, Julie saying she's having a really good time, and then getting teased by her mom that "some smart person told you to do this." Ryan calls to her from the porch and Julie goes up to get some instruction. He pats her on the back and then she gives him an extremely dorky punch on the arm and extremely dorkily tells him that he's such a dork for asking her whether she can handle the instructions. She trots back to her mom who's witnessed the awkward exchange and asks if there's anything Julie wants to tell her. Julie, pixie-like, smiles a small smile and says "Hmmm, no." Her mom accepts that, but then Julie offers that she does feel a lot better. Tami tells her that she's glad, she really is. And as always, with Tami Taylor, you can really tell.

Ray's BBQ. Vince cleans the toilet, and Jess gives him instruction. He says he can handle it, she complains she just doesn't want to clean up after him, she's seen her little brothers clean toilets. Vince, standing up: "Well I'm not your little brother." Holy hell is that true. There is some serious chemistry here that is lacking between Jess and Landry. Jess goes outside, where Virgil sits at one of the picnic tables. She complains about her father hiring him, he explains he's doing a favor. She wonders whether he can do a favor for her and tell him to go home. Jess just can't believe this after all the grief her dad gave her for spending time with Vince. Virgil tells her that he trusts in her to make good decisions now. She looks at him laconically and says she appreciates the trust.

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