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Tim knocks on Becky's bedroom door. He tries to coax her out, saying Skeeter is upset and needs her. Then he just starts knocking repeatedly, saying "All day. All day. Don't care." She finally opens the door with a furious "WHAT?" Tim wants to get things out in the open. Since the kiss, she's been awkward and avoiding him and he doesn't like it, so he just wants to apologize, it won't happen again. Becky's face goes from not being able to believe that he's talking about that stupid little kiss, to being hurt about his take on the kiss. He asks if they're cool and she snarks, "Yeah, we're cool. Thanks. So much" and slams the door. Tim: "Okay, see, somehow I don't think we're cool." She yells at him to go away.

Ray's. After closing. Vince comes back and finds Jess there stacking chairs, he's left his jacket. He goes to grab it, walks past her and pauses, "Good night." She follows him for a minute, but it's only, we see, to close the door behind him. As he walks away, Landry drives up and greets Vince with willful ignorance. Vince watches as Landry knocks on the door; Landry mutters about having some homework, as if that's why he's there to see Jess. Jess opens the door, which runs into Landry a bit, she chuckles and invites him in, then catches Vince's gaze as he watches from the shadows.

Commercials. Luke and Becky are having an important conversation, she's sitting on the hood of his truck. Dillon, Texas provides a lot of beautiful scenery against which to have important conversations. So Luke tells her he doesn't want to get in her business but he wants to say something. He wants to know if she's thought through everything. She says that she's 16, and by 17 will be a single parent, just like her mom. That's not what she wants. She thinks he's resisting because of the money, but he says he's got the money. She wonders what the problem is and he says "It's just, I'm worried, alright?" He tells her that he's worried about her, and that he feels responsible. She says it's a two-way street. He tells her that she's going to have to live with whatever decision she makes for the rest of her life; he's going to have to live with it, too. And, it's not like he wants to be a dad, "but there's something about not being one, about you not being a mom, just because we decide to make the baby go away, that makes me feel really, really uncomfortable." I really appreciate this scene's depiction of the teen male experience of this decision, and Luke Cafferty continues to be the most likable boy on television since, well, okay since Matt Saracen. But, son, she is like four weeks pregnant. It is tissue. It is pure, wonderful potential, but right now it is tissue, not a baby. Becky listens to everything Luke has to say and looks confused; she asks him to just take her home.

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Friday Night Lights




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