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Ray's BBQ. Vince cleans up outside when Calvin and a car full of up-to-no-goods get out of a car. Calvin jokes about how hungry he is, they all greet one another and Calvin gives Vince a hard time for having to sweep. Vince asks what they need, and one of the guys says they want him to bring them something to eat, some ribs and collard greens. Vince tells them to go inside and order at the counter. The no-name kid starts to get pissed, he asked Vince to bring him some damn food. Vince just holds his ground and tells them to go inside like everybody else and order at the counter. No-name kid keeps bitching and Vince asks Cal who this dude even is. No-name starts to get in Vince's face, Virgil hears the impending ruckus and comes outside to break it up. He tells them all to leave, Calvin rounds his boys up, but No-Name keeps staring Vince down for a bit. As Calvin drives away, he exchanges a look with Vince. Once they're gone, Virgil tells Vince that the job isn't fun but it'll keep him out of the joint. Then: "You're better than them." Vince says "No, I'm not" but Virgil asks: "You're here, aren't you?" and it seems like Vince maybe believes it for a minute. Virgil says they've got to close up and get over to the park.

So to the park we go! African-American Sonic Forcefield; rap plays as we see people feed into the park, which is still unlit. Coach is pacing around on his cell phone. Buddy and Tami tell him what he already knows, that the lights aren't on. In the meantime tricked-out cars pull up, full of these now infamous park kids. Tami sees a group of particularly tough guys coming over and goes wide-eyed, "Eric, we might have a problem!" Coach doesn't have time for this shit, he glances over and is like "That's just the other team" and goes back to his phone call. Tami greets them all (heh) as they file past her. Coach pulls D'Angelo aside and says the lights aren't coming on. He's like "Well, you gotta get to the switch box over there." And Coach asks him whether he might just have some knowledge about how to get past the padlock on the switchbox. D'Angelo just raises his brows and flashes a sideways smirk. Over at the switch box, Coach climbs over a rickety metal fence. Virgil laughs at his ungraceful form. D'Angelo wields a big huge wire cutter thingy.

Cut over to the Lions, in jerseys and sweats, stretching before the game. Landry moseys over to Vince and greets him with the dorkiest "Hey Vince!" Vince is silent. Landry launches into it, saying that he's not sure whether there's something Vince feels he needs to say or do, and he realizes Vince and Jess have some sort of history (aside: why won't they tell us what it is?!), but Landry really likes her, so if Vince wants to hit him or whatever, Landry would like to just get past it. Cut over to Coach cutting through the padlock and then giving the job to D'Angelo: "Your honor." He flips the switch and the lights go on. Everyone around the field claps and whoops. Vince looks up briefly, and just gives Landry a tapping fist to the shoulder. Landry: "What does that mean?" Well, Landry, it means a little bit of light -- you know, physical light, or transcendence, or knowledge or whatever -- on a situation can make it look better and can make people act better. Vince might have punched you in the dark, but in the light he's giving you your own fair chance. Or, you know, maybe he's planning on just trying to catch you in an alleyway later once these damned lights stop blaring in his face.

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Friday Night Lights




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