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Riding around town, big horizons, hay bales, rundown strip malls, the outside of the Playgirl Ranch festooned with "Welcome Home Tim" handmade posters. The labor going into all of the posters being made in Dillon over the past few episodes should surely be entered into our GDP figures. Inside the Playgirl Ranch, Luke eats a cookie kind of aggressively. Poor boy. What else do you expect him to do when faced with the reality that his romantic rival is Tim Riggins? Tim drinks beer over by the sliding glass door when Becky approaches him and tells him that he looks lonely. Tim asks her what her boyfriend thinks about her working at The Landing Strip. She says he's fine with it, and tells him that it's good money. He tells her that there's better money in stripping, but she quickly says "I don't do that." Tim mutters, "Gotta do what you gotta do," in that special, judgey way of men who enjoy strip clubs but cannot deal with the women in their life having anything to do with one. Billy calls Tim over to blow out the candles on his welcome home cake, one of those primary-color-frosting Costco disasters.

Head over to the football field where East Dillon has just won the area playoffs a sweet 38-6. Major locker room celebrations, including some seriously nonchalant hair on Coach Taylor's head. He tells the kids that, at this point, State is theirs to lose, they are that good. They've got some problems, but -- and here Kyle Chandler gets real folksy, just like I like it -- "That was one hell of a performance out there, fellas." Coach calls the hobbled Buddy, Jr up to the whiteboard to change the number of games left until State. They all shout out the count, only 3 more games.

Levi walks purposefully into a meeting with East Dillon faculty and basically informs them that some of them won't have a job next semester. He's been in education for 27 years and he's never seen it like this before, there's no money. Crazy educators, always complaining about their gleaming coffers of gold. He asks department heads to go through their budgets and find ways to trim. Then he tells them to pray. As if God cares what teachers need; he's too busy changing Wikipedia pages to reflect whatever weird, inaccurate thing Bachmann/Palin just said. Cut over to Tami's office, where Laurel is fretting while Tami tries to calm her down. Tami's phone rings and she gestures Laurel out of her office. We hear her say "Oh! The Assistant Dean? Oh, well, yeah, I'm pretty open." Looks like Tami's feisty performance at the conference she went to last episode is paying off in job interviews! Later that evening, she's at home with Gracie and Coach talking about the "small school, kind of like the Ivies but not one of the Ivies up in the Northeast there...well Philadelphia, really." Coach mutters a bit in response while Tami keeps chatting on. They'll fly her up, and it sounds kind of fun, and it's a good college, and it's very flattering, and "Well, it might just be a hoot!" Coach is like, "Did you just say 'a hoot'" like probably teasing her about the old-fashioned usage, but all I heard in that phrase of Tami's is a woman trying to downplay her own potential. A noise outside the door has gotten progressively louder, sounding like boys shouting. Tami sighs and asks Coach to tell them they're just about to eat. He tells her to come to the door with him and she complains that she's got tomatoes all over her hands and he asks if she needs to do her hair all up, too. "Come on, honey!" The three of them open the front door to find the football team on their front lawn, running in place chanting "State! State! State!" The boys are all grins and sweat and Coach is all put-on curmudgeon, "What are y'all doin' in my yard?!" Luke shouts that they're getting stronger for him and Coach tells them to get out of his yard. Vince calls out for them all to break it down for Miz Taylor and they get into formation, waiting for Coach to start the play, at which point they all take off running down the street. The Taylors smile. And you marvel at how many different forms family can take.

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