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Once You're A Jet
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A weather alert beeps across the Taylor's television screen while rain pours down outside. Tim Riggins is playing with Baby Grace. I repeat: Tim Riggins is playing with Baby Grace. That baby can hardly contain itself, it wants to get on the internet and shriek "OMG so hott!!111!!!" so bad. He hands the mewling Gracie over to Shelly for a feeding when Shelly realizes in a panic that they're out of formula. She tells the baby to stop eating so much, and Tim responds that she shouldn't shame the little girl about eating. That leads to anorexia. "Thank you, Oprah, very helpful," Shelly replies, and Tim sheepishly acknowledges his Oprah habit. Shelly announces that "Aunt Shelly's boobies aren't going to do the trick." Tim has apparently learned his lesson about thirtysomething women because he promptly flees the house, offering to go to the store for more formula. Or, you know, wash his "boobied" ears out with bleach. After he leaves, Shelly sort of melts a little (hot pants those must be) and sighs, "God he's cute," before adding for the baby's benefit, "No but he's jailbait, baby, stay away, darlin'." Baby Grace is like, "Step off old lady, Sweet Tush Timmy is mine, waaaahhh waaahhhh goo goo ga ga."

Tim runs through the rain and lightning outside the house toward his truck just as Julie is getting dropped off by the thankless Lois. Tim asks if she needs anything from the store and she asks, while being pelted with rain, whether she can come along. Cut to Tim and Julie in his truck; Julie nervously asks Tim if he's "going to the dance this weekend" and he says no. So then Julie says she's not either, "it'll probably be lame, right?" Taylor Kitsch can really turn it on and off, because there is absolutely no sex coming from his direction in this scene. It's pure older brother at the moment. He tries to ask her about Matt breaking up with the Gidget-haired cheerleader, but Julie just stammers that she doesn't talk to Matt.

Cut to the grocery store parking lot. There's a break in the rain but Tim, doing his best Bill Paxton in Twister, is not easily fooled by that sphinx Mother Nature. Julie wonders what he's doing there gazing up at the churning CGI skies, and Tim silently acknowledges to himself, "Getting ready to save your life, missy." Inside, Tim and Julie chatter about when Gracie will teeth when they hear the newscaster on TV interrupt with a tornado warning. Tim looks out the window meaningfully, and then the tornado appears. The shopkeeper shoos everyone away from the windows, but Julie just stands there motionless. Isn't this girl born and raised Texan? Why doesn't she know what to do here? I mean, if it's all an elaborate ploy (involving coordinated acts of God) to get Tim Riggins's arms around her, then brava! But otherwise... So Tim grabs her hand and pulls her behind a wall underneath a plethora of hanging metal objects. Safe? Hardly. Romantic. Yes! He kneels behind her and wraps her up in his arms as the tornado blows in the glass windows of the store. Swoon!

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Friday Night Lights




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