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Once You're A Jet

Cut to the dance, where the kids are all cranking that. (I linked that for posterity; when they are trying to piece together what our society is about -- because You Tube, like the cockroaches, will survive the end times -- they will watch us Superman that ho, in so many different ways, that they will know with a certainty that we were a great society.) Landry wanders the dance floor and then spots Tyra sitting on the bleachers alone. The Missing Link, it turns out, is puking in the bathroom. Tyra tells Landry that she doesn't know what she was thinking, and then asks him to sit down with her. She tells him that he knows how she feels about him. Landry says he actually doesn't. So she tells him that she likes him a lot, but that he makes her feel too much. She apologizes and asks him for some time to figure things out. But Landry isn't going to take anymore of her guff. He tells her that he knows she's better than going out with The Missing Link, but he doesn't know how to make her know that she's better than that, and he can't wait around for her to figure it out. He leaves; Tyra screws up her pretty face and cries.

Back at the party, Tim finds Julie, totally drunk, on the couch with All-Purpose Boy snuggling in next to her. She babbling about bringing yarn art home to her mom and she'd go, "Oh my god! It's so beautiful!" Tim tells her that it's time to go. Tim expertly pulls All-Purpose Boy away by suggesting they go get beers together. Julie wants one, too. Tim gets the kid in a corner and asks him how it's going over there. All-Purpose Boy says that he thinks he's one beer away from getting laid. Cut to Julie, who is giggling and flinging herself around on the couch. Ah, youth. Tim sort of fake-congratulates the kid before leaning in and telling him that if he ever looks at her again -- at school, anytime -- "I swear to God, I'll end you." And that's that.

Cut to Tim carrying Julie inside the house, telling her to be quiet, which she is not doing. Julie is talking about someone wanting to be with Tim -- I guess she's talking about Shelly? He flumps her down on her bed and starts unlacing her shoes. Tim Riggins, for God's sake, turn her on her side and get out of her bedroom! Julie says the whole world is spinning, and he tells her to just keep her eyes open. He decides to shift her up onto her pillows, which requires him to lean over her, her arms around his neck, and lug her body up. Of course, she doesn't let go, and actually appears to be trying to kiss him when Coach comes into her room and gets the whole vignette burned into his eyes. Tim stands up and immediately tries to say that it's not what it looks like, but Coach goes instantly ballistic. He tells Tim repeatedly to shut up, "shut your mouth." Through scarily clenched teeth, he hisses at Tim to get his stuff and get out of the house right now. Tim does as he is told, and we end on Timmy Riggins in his truck once again, not a friend in the world. Oh my God, Jules, you just killed Timmy!

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Friday Night Lights




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