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Once You're A Jet

Credits. The next morning. The Taylor household has that special "weather disaster!" feel to it. You know the one, the one where you're all a-twitter and feeling totally exempt from actually doing anything except looking out the window and exclaiming about things. Tami gets off the phone and tries to share her a-twitterness with Julie and Shelly, who are both sitting on the couch gazing out the sliding glass door. Tami is saying something about the school in Larrabee getting totally flattened when she realizes that no one is listening and so follows their gazes out the window to...Tim Riggins, doing his morning sit-ups out on the patio. Tami is exasperated and instructs Julie to go get ready for school. Julie declares her mother "no fun" and leaves. Tami walks around Shelly and just says, "And you? Ew." Succinctly put, Tami Taylor! Shelly dissolves into giggles.

Tami finds Eric in their bedroom just as he hangs up the phone with somebody or other, who has instructed him that the Larrabee football team will be hosted by Dillon while their tinderbox school gets set back up. He's frustrated that the TV is all fuzz; Tami declares "cable's out," like she didn't just stand in front of a befuzzed television set in the family room like a dummy until Julie told her "cable's out." Tami lowers her voice to a whisper and asks, "How long is Tim Riggins gonna be here?" Coach tells her it's just a couple days, but Tami tells him that it isn't working out, that having Tim Riggins in the house with their sixteen-year-old daughter is like keeping a can of gasoline next to a lit match. Succinctly put, Tami Taylor! Coach exasperatedly declares that the kid is in trouble and needs a place to stay. Can we pause for a moment to realize that no one has addressed the fact that Tim can't live at home because the neighbor-lady he had a hot affair with moved in to his house because she's now doing his older brother Billy? I mean, they live next door to one another. Why did she have to move in? Coach continues, saying he likes having Tim around because "it evens up the gender teams a little." Tami pshaws, "It's not about teams, sweetie!" and they continue their banter out the door.

Lyla is putting her boots on to get ready for another day of Stomping Out Sin when her mom comes in with her Kicked Mah Man To The Curb sleek post-Buddy bob and sits down. She asks Lyla to guess who just got engaged and Lyla literally has not a clue in the world. "Who?" she asks, and Pam extends her left hand toward Lyla and says, "Me!" Oh no! To the health-food-store twat? Mr. Tofu Scramble himself? Lyla tears up, puts a mask of a smile on her face, and tells her mom congratulations. Except her well wishes are mitigated by the fact that she jerks her face away from her mother's attempted cheek caress. Burn, lady!

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Friday Night Lights




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