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Once You're A Jet

Cut to a really weird scene where we cut around, watching Buddy frolic with his kids at a podunk amusement park. Here they are racing go-karts! Here they are playing Dance Dance Revolution! Air hockey! Video games! The weirdest part is that it is set to a cover of "Do You Believe In Magic" by Disney tween songstresses Aly and AJ. Which might make sense if it were a song that was, like, playing in the background of the scene as a part of the sound design, rather than as an excessively twee and unsubstantial soundtrack. But whatevs. Who can complain, because once the FAMILY FUN montage ends, we cut to Buddy and Lyla having sodas, Buddy leaning back in his chair and sighing, "Well that was FUN!" I love Buddy. Lyla ruins it, though, by demanding that her father address "the elephant in the room." Buddy doesn't know what she's talking about, so she clarifies: "Mom and Kevin's wedding?" Buddy clearly is not in the loop on Pam's engagement and his face goes slack, unbelieving: "You are telling me that she is gonna marry that little tree-hugger?" Buddy gets up and storms off, kind of hyperventilating over it all.

Locker room. All the boys -- Dillon and Larrabee -- are packed in there while Coach sets the ground rules. They'll be taking shifts on the practice field, weight room, and showers, and sharing the locker room. "No guff about it" is Coach's instruction. Except Coach Dickie immediately starts giving guff. He tells Coach to kick the girls' soccer team out of the visitors' locker room. Coach refuses. Then Dickie complains about the weight room, that the machines are more suited for his wife than for his players. The Larrabee boys (in red) murmur approval of his zinger. Coach replies sweetly that the machines might not even be good enough for Dickie's wife (presumably named Ima?) but that they were good enough for a state championship. The Dillon boys (in blue) are like, "Burn!" Dickie then retorts that maybe if Coach had stayed at TMU, he could have won "another one" in college. Another one what? State championship? I don't think they have those in college, smarty. My readers (in multi-colored hues) are totally like, "Oooooo!" at my own entry into this game of dork-upmanship. Coach ends the verbal jostling by graciously saying, "Welcome to Dillon. It is our pleasure to have you here, we are your hosts."

Coach walks out into the backyard of his house on the phone. He's bitching to somebody about Coach Dickie, declaring that he's like "Coach Crybaby." He says he wants to take a football and "shove it up the S.O.B.'s rear end." He turns around and sees Tim Riggins out there, bent in front of the cable box. Coach gets off the phone and tells Tim to keep what he just heard to himself. Tim grins and winks at Coach, and seriously there may as well have been a little diamond flash of light glinting off the charming boy's teeth. One of the women inside yells that the cable is fixed, and Coach thanks Tim and heads back in.

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