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Once You're A Jet
Locker room. The Panthers come in and find that the Larrabee boys have wrecked hacky havoc on their stuff -- Gold Bond powder in helmets, men's magazines in their lockers, mean nicknames taped up on their lockers. The Galoot calls everyone's attention to the fact that the Larrabee boys left their stuff in there, too, so the Panthers start going to town with the silly string and the clothes-tossing to and fro. Silly string. Really? There's a disjunction between their tough talk, pumped-up muscles, and use of the silly string. It's kind of awesome. Anyhow, Coach Taylor comes upon all this nonsense and yells at them. End scene.

On the practice field, Larrabee is taking more than their allotted time. Coach Dickie is on the field acting penile and shouting and basically being short. Coach Taylor approaches him and discreetly informs him that his time on the practice field is up. Dickie is a dick about it at first, pretending not to have noticed. Taylor tells him to wrap it up and then yells at Dickie about the kids getting into the Dillon lockers. Taylor tells Dickie that they both know something is brewing; Eric would like to avoid it. Dickie gets his kids off the field.

Tyra takes drink orders at work at Applebee's. Landry comes in and approaches her: "Excuse me, ma'am, my riblets are cold. It's unacceptable." Tyra drily notes that he always uses that joke and Landry protests before realizing that he does. He follows her to the computer where she puts in the order. He apologizes for grabbing her hand; Tyra keeps trying to put him off, get him to leave. But Landry pushes on, and asks her to go to the dance with him on Friday. Tyra hesitates, and Landry brightly tells her that these are their golden years. Wow. Golden years, you say? I can't wait to see what crimes you commit once you don't have anything more to live for! So Landry keeps pushing and pushing until Tyra finally says that she's going to the dance with somebody else. Landry is crushed. Tyra feels bad about herself.

At the Taylors', Tim and Julie sit at the kitchen bar doing homework; Tami is at the table working on her laptop. Shelly comes home and Tim greets her with an endearing "Hey Shells." He walks over to the refrigerator and grabs a beer. Tami yells over, "Uh uh, no! No!" Shelly cackles. Julie smirks. Tami watches Shelly undress the boy in her mind. Tim sits back down and propositions Shelly: "Fifty bucks if you finish this essay." Tami is called upon again to be the only female person in the world left unaffected by the Riggins Musk: "You have got to be kidding me. Doing that right in front of me?" Shelly declares she's doing her own homework on transfer of title. They all settle in for a half second before Shelly wonders what's on Oprah. Tim hops up to join her on the couch while Tami tries to protest about needing to get work done and letting the baby sleep. They turn the TV on and are not greeted by Nate Berkus, but instead by soft core porn. Tim is quick to acknowledge that this is his "bad," but slow to get up to turn it off. Julie giggles and says, "That is not Oprah." Tami's head is practically spinning on its axis. Tim finally turns it off, trying to pretend that it's just crossed wires from fixing the cable. Tami throws them all out of the room, including Shelly. As Shelly leaves, she tells Tami, "Don't even try to tell me you're not gonna watch that tonight, cuz I know you." Hee. I love finding things like that out about Tami Taylor.

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