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Once You're A Jet
At the laundromat, Coach keeps Buddy company while he does his laundry. Buddy gives Coach good advice about not getting too worked up about the Coach Dickie situation, and then tells Coach that Pam is getting remarried. Coach has literally zero advice for Buddy. Buddy goes on about how Pam is the love of his life -- that she was in the stands watching him win the state championship in high school, how they opened the little car lot and built the business together. He asks Coach what he should do, and Eric says nothing, but Buddy doesn't realize it because he's too busy admiring the light bulb stamped with the words "Bad Idea" going off in his head. He decides that he's got to start acting like the fantastic salesman that he is; he's going to go to Pam and "sell her." He chuckles, pleased with himself, and thanks Coach, who is still standing there, his hair trying to tell Buddy that it doesn't know much about the womenfolk either but this "sellin' her" idea doesn't sound so great.

Matt and Carlotta pull up to a barbecue joint where Julie and Tim are happily hanging out doing homework together. That Tim Riggins, he's a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of guy! Julie notices Matt and Carlotta making out in the car and quickly starts packing up her books and asking Tim if he wants to go somewhere else. He doesn't know what's going on until Matt and Carlotta come in and everyone stands around being awkward. Matt moves quickly past Tim and Julie; Julie storms off and Tim follows her.

Buddy rings the doorbell of his old house. Rice Dream answers and sort of stands there dumbly until Pam comes up and tells him to give her a minute with Buddy. Buddy immediately launches into it: "I love you, I have always loved you. You must forgive me. You are the mother of my children, you are my wife." He promises that he will never hurt her again, takes hold of her shoulders, and repeats "I love you." Pam is calm and not angry anymore. She tells him that she loves him, too -- his face lights up -- "but it's over" -- and his face falls. She takes his hands off her shoulders and tells him that everything will be okay. Meanwhile Buddy is losing it, sort of mewling and squeaking like a hurt little animal. She pulls away and looks at him sympathetically and then closes the door. Oh, poor Buddy! How you have grown on me as a character through your travails!

Tami wakes in the middle of the night. She hears noises and gets up to investigate. She finds Coach and Tim in the garage playing ping-pong at five in the morning. They're just having a grand ol' time together. Coach is loopy with the male bonding and asks Tami if, since she's up, she'll make them some egg sandwiches. Tami just turns around and leaves without a word.

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Friday Night Lights




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