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Thanks to Joe R. for filling in for me last week, handling the return of GLENN with such flair, and actually teaching me a thing or two: it's apparently TINKER (not Tanker) and Bad Gold Chain Kid's name is really Calvin.

This week we open on Julie and her mom fussing in Julie's bedroom, packing clothes into suitcases. Her mom thinks either outfit says "College Interview" and then frazzles some at Julie about remembering to pack her toiletries in a plastic bag. Julie fusses in a different way-- "These are UGLY" she declares of a pile of clothes-- and in Gracie's bedroom Coach declares, "Gracie doesn't have any pants" while little Gracie stands still and giggles at all these crazy people acting so crazy. Tami zips by Gracie's room, briefly pausing to instruct the helpless Dad where the pants are and coo at Gracie a bit, then zips into her room to find the blue shirt Julie insists she needs. Tami claps her hands and pleads with everyone that they CANNOT miss this flight, suddenly everyone is in Tami and Coach's bedroom, Julie complaining that everything they've packed for her interviews makes her look like a realtor, Coach to give Julie a quick pep talk -- "Give 'em hell!" he suggests -- and suddenly everyone is smiling and loving each other on the way out the door. Taylors! For the win!

We go driving around Dillon with Buddy Garrity while listening to Slammin Sammy exposit about this week's game, which pits the league's two last-place teams, the East Dillon Lions and Campbell Park Timberwolves, against one another in a game that some have dubbed "The Toilet Bowl." Buddy drives by an "Awards and Trophies" store in a shabby mini-strip mall and sees an employee topping a gold-painted toilet with an East Dillon Lions helmet with a plunger stuck on top. Slammin' Sammy tells us that Coach Taylor must see this game as an opportunity to get a "W" on the books.

Transition with a toilet flush (oh, come on now!) over to Luke Cafferty in his bathroom. Close up of a pill bottle that reads "something codone" and has the driving precaution printed on the label. He downs a couple and asks his mother, who is in another room, whether he has a follow-up with the doctor. He raises his shirt to examine a huge swath of raw bruised flesh all along the right side of his abdomen and hip. His mom says that the doctor didn't need to see him unless it was still hurtin, "It's still good, right?" Luke lies that he's good.

Cut to Tim at a realtor's office. And holy continuity, it is the same realtor lady who came on to Tim Riggins in the first episode -- "I don't know what a blitz is, it sounds a little sexual" -- and showed up again in Season 3 when she sold Buddy Garrity's house to the Riggins boys for their flip scheme. Anyhow, Tim goes to her now to express interest in the property at which he closed the last episode gazing. He has donned a heartbreakingly ill-fitting suit for this meeting. The realtor -- Missy, if I remember correctly -- tells him that the property is a still at $85,000. Just 75 if he can pay half up front! Tim's face immediately falls, he shakes her hand, and goes outside, loosens the uncharacteristic tie and gets in his truck. Oh, poor, naive Tim Riggins!

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