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Luke sits in the den of shady Dr. Kooney. "Are you allergic to any medication" "NO." "Use alcohol?" "NO." "Ever try any over-the-counter medications?" "YES." "Do anything for the pain?" "NO." Tim Riggins came through for a young man in need of opiates. Throw in a little TMU reference and Luke leaves with a prescription.

Tim and Becky go visit "his" land in some incredibly spectacular golden Texas light. She tells him that it's beautiful, Tim tells her that he didn't want the Sears job anyways. Tim points out where the house will go -- on that ridge over there -- and he wants one of those decks, that goes all the way around. She fills in for him: "A wrap-around." He tells her that he's walked the property a few times and it goes way way beyond the tree line you can see. He turns to her and thanks her for helping him with the whole job process. Both of them have amazing-looking skin in this light. Becky leans in to kiss Tim, and he reciprocates for far too long before clearing his throat, causing Becky to pull away and apologize. She sort of nuzzles him and he stands there as the sun goes down, letting her arms stay around him. Tim Riggins! Do we like Becky? NO. Do we think you guys are good together? NO. Do we think you should run from her? YES. Are you going to disappoint us? NO NO NO!

Commercials. Game night. Buddy Garrity is in the spruced up Lions "stadium" announcer's box, broadcasting the game on El Fuego! It's raining, people are standing around wearing helmets with plungers stuck to the top. We're at the Toilet Bowl, y'all. Game starts, lots of mud, slipping, sliding, and the Lions are looking good! Vince runs the ball for a touchdown, which excites Calvin in the stands. More football (this isn't the most inspired game editing I've ever seen). At one point, Vince cocks back and lets a ball fly waaay down the field... to no one. Not a great pass, but shows that the kid's got an arm. At halftime, Lions are up 7, Landry gets sent on the field to punt a long field goal ("Just kick the damn thing" Coach replies to Landry's whining about how long it is) and gets it through the posts. Lions go into halftime with a 7-17 lead.

While kids are being kids on the field, Tim takes another step away from that world. He busts into Riggins Rigs while Billy's in there chopping up a car. Billy makes fun of his suit, but when Tim asks how much money they're talking about, Billy half-assedly tries to say that he doesn't want Tim involved. Tim presses: "How much?" and Billy tells him that he'll make more money in two months than he will in two years. "Two months?" Tim clarifies, and Billy nods. And there we go.

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Friday Night Lights




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