Friday Night Lights

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Back at the game, the Lions are losing ground. They give up a touchdown, and the Lions are down now, 21-17. Everyone on the sidelines is soaked and cheering, urging them on. Singer-songwriter on the soundtrack. On the next possession, Luke makes a nice run, but gets tackled and stays down for a while. Coach looks on with concern and calls a precious time-out to call Luke over. He asks if the kid is all right, and Luke lies and says he is. Coach sends him back out, no time-outs left. Buddy waxes poetic about Coach Taylor's powers of inspiration, and on the field, Luke runs it like a freaking wounded warrior into the endzone. Lions win! Lions win! Classic FNL-style montage. High fives all around! Boys slipping and sliding around in the mud! Hugs! Smiles! Outside the stadium, Jess talks to some girlfriends, makes eyes at Vince, but when Landry comes out, she goes to him. Cut over to Billy and Tim in the shop taking a car apart, Tim looking conflicted. Cut to black.

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Friday Night Lights




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