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Landry and Jess hoof it up to school. Jess walks with abandoned force. It's cute. Landry wants to go on a date; Jess says they hang out all the time, why do they have to call it a date? Landry parses the difference: "I will be wearing a nice, button-up shirt... and it will be nighttime!" Jess pauses and wonders if Landry, when he says "nice shirt," means the one with the periodic table. Landry scrambles to say he has many nice shirts! She still hesitates, but suggests maybe Wednesday night, which she has off. She giggles her way up the stairs into school while Landry stays behind to give a slow arm pump of victory.

East Dillon locker room. Coach marches in and asks if they've heard the phrase "It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game." A bunch raise their hands, and Coach tells them that the saying doesn't apply to them anymore. He tells them to be proud of how far they've come, but they've got a hell of a football team now. "We're not scrappers anymore. We're Lions." The boys slowly start to smile and get psyched for themselves and, on Coach's word, go tearing out of the locker room to practice. They whoop and holler but are brought up short as they get to the field. They all stare at something, their smiles fading, and the camera slowly swings around to show a toilet that's been placed in the middle of the field. Jerks!

Credits. Jangly guitars, location shots of Boston. It's true fall there, and the Taylor women take in the sights, looking like hot southern babes with their long blonde hair and black heeled boots and surprisingly appropriate fall coats. Shot of a clock that reads "Boston University" on its face. It is so unexpectedly pleasurable to see the Taylor women out and about in a city! Tami makes Julie cringe by stopping a man on the street to take their picture, but Julie puts a smile on her face for the shot. City montage ends and we cut to an English class on Chaucer, taking place in a real hallowed-halls kind of classroom-- wood paneling, old-fashioned chalkboard, auditorium seating. The camera is behind the students, and it's a nice detail that on the pause one sees at least one laptop open to a game of solitaire. The professor talks about the contradiction inherent in the fact that Chaucer is the founder of modern poetry, but also uses words like "ass" and "fart." Tami, up towards the back giggles. Camera cuts over to Julie, who is also fresh-faced and attentive. But as the professor continues, spinning out a discussion question about Chaucer's use of bawdy language, the camera ranges around and shows ALL YOU COLLEGE STUDENTS OUT THERE what you look like to us professors: gape-mouthed, staring at their phones, texting, playing solitaire. Nobody will answer her question -- "Someone? Anyone?" -- and Tami starts gesturing to Julie, who sits a few rows in front of her, miming that she should raise her hand. But the professor takes Tami's mime to Julie as a hand raised. Another completely true classroom detail: ANY MOTION AT ALL causes the professor to jump at you with the extreme hope that maybe, JUST MAYBE you have a thought. So the professor calls on her, but Tami says she's just observing. But the professor pushes her, saying that's okay, please share her thought! So Tami says she thinks maybe Chaucer's language has to do with context, with who's speaking. The professor says that's exactly right and continues on her lecture. Tami smiles to herself, Julie squinches up her face in mortification.

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Friday Night Lights




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