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East Dillon practice. Serene music plays and things are plugging along nicely: Vince taking instruction, plays getting run, punts getting kicked. Luke gets tackled on one play and gets up limping. Tim is watching and calls him over: "Fours, c'mere" (because Luke's number 44, so, "fours"). Tim asks Luke if he's okay, and Luke insists that he is. Tim plays a dirty trick and says "Alright then" while reaching out and giving an encouraging slap to Luke's injured side, which he winces at. Luke runs back onto the field. Meanwhile, Buddy approaches, and Coach receives him drily. Coach wonders if Buddy needs a toilet, and Buddy declares the whole thing a bunch of malarkey. Love that word! Buddy stands next to Coach and declares that he wants to be someone for the Lions the way he used to be someone for the Panthers. Coach just looks off into the distance from behind those Coach sunglasses of his and says, "Aright."

Jess is trying to manage her little brothers, who are running shouting around a grocery store. Over in the next aisle, Vince picks one of the kids up and carries him back to Jess, big smile on his face. Jess's jaw drops. Vince tells the kids to run a post route and sends them running for a bag of pretzels he spins down the aisle. Jess scolds him for teaching them to throw food in a grocery, but she's smiling the whole time. Vince's mom comes around the corner and makes Jess and Vince go on edge. She's still looking good and she greets the boys warmly and then declares that she's cooking dinner next week and she wants Jess to be there. Jess protests weakly, she wouldn't want to impose, but Mrs. Howard insists and then walks off with Vince, who looks like he'll take what little his mom can give right about now.

Back in Boston, Tami and Julie stroll a campus with an official woman who remarks to Tami that before Tami was guidance counselor they never got any applications from that district to Boston College. Tami was just happy to put a face to the school name when BC came down to their college fair a few years ago. The woman tries to loop Julie in, who's been lagging behind the older women as they walk and chat. All Julie can say is that the school looks exactly like the brochure. The woman asks if she's sat in on any classes and Julie taciturnly says she sat in on an English class and it was "good." Tami expounds: "Oh, it was great!" and the older women coo and sigh over how great reading is, it's just like being at a fabulous cocktail party! Julie remains silent, and Tami keeps ventriloquizing her -- "Jules loves to read. I think she got that from me."

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Friday Night Lights




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