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And now for the scene we've all been waiting for. Tim Riggins. A puppy. A beer can. Tim Riggins fake interviewing a puppy using a beer can as a microphone! I repeat: Tim Riggins fake interviewing a puppy using a beer can as a microphone! He asks Skeeter: "You got a big game coming up this weekend, what do you have to say about it?" Skeeter only whines a bit (apparently not prepped by his PR guy) when there's a knock at the trailer door. Tim sort of lurches over to answer and finds Becky, bitchily saying some crazy lady named Mindy is on the phone for him. Tim takes the call and we cut over to Mindy, amped up and lying in a recliner in a pink bathrobe. The toilet is backed up over at the Riggins Ranch and she can't get hold of Billy. She needs Tim to take care of it; only Tim tells her that he's had too much to drink and can't drive. Mindy reminds him that this isn't about him and his drinking problem, it's about her baby and how it's getting an amniotic noseful of toxic fumes every time she goes to the bathroom. Alright then, Mindy. Tim suggest she just go in the bathtub but Mindy is shocked (as if she has never peed in an inappropriate place before; isn't that, like, one of the initiation rituals for becoming a Landing Strip stripper?). Mindy screams at Tim and hangs up; Tim drunkenly looks at Becky and asks if she can drive stick. Cut to them lurching along the road, Tim trying to teach her from the passenger side how to manage the clutch. I bet she wishes he'd teach her that. They stop at a light, and Becky asks why Tim was in a suit earlier. Tim declares that, well, some guys are meant to be in a suit and some guys aren't.

At the Riggins Ranch, Tim fixes the toilet while simultaneously taking a hammer to Mindy's heart. When Tim asks where Billy is, Mindy is surprised that Tim doesn't know that he's at the shop working on a job. Mindy wonders if this is a big deal, you know how Billy's always working late now, and he seems tired and distracted and doesn't answer his phone. You know, that doesn't mean he's having an affair, does it? Tim looks at his sister-in-law and kindly says "Minds, what you're saying is not happening." I'm kind of a big fan of Tim Riggins' penchant for endearing nicknames (Minds, Fours). Mindy busts out that she doesn't even want to know if Billy's cheating on her; she feels like a total mess, stuck in that chair in that bathrobe.

Commercials. Coach lingers in a hallway cringing as he listens to Buddy try to convince the Spanish-language radio station manager to let them broadcast the Lions games. A younger man translates between the two of them, but things are getting lost in translation. The station manager thinks Buddy wants free time, Buddy insists that he's offering the station a new demographic: football! The station manager is like "Football? Football?! Futbol Norteamericano!" Somewhere in Dillon a lone vuvuzela bleats. Coach calls Buddy over and wonders whether all this is worth it, Buddy tells him to look at it like an investment. If they get on the radio, they get a voice, they can stop all the trash-talking and toilet-bowling. Coach is getting fed up waiting for these negotiations, but Buddy goes back to working his magic.

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Friday Night Lights




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