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Early morning, Billy finds Tim sitting on the couch in the garage. Tim cuts straight to it: "Are you messing around on Mindy?" Billy scoffs and says no. Tim wonders what's up with all the working late, and Billy tries to punt, saying he's just doing some after-hours work. But Tim keeps pushing, he wants to know exactly what kind of after-hours work Billy's been doing. So Billy comes clean. A couple of guys came to him with a proposition: they come to him a few times a week needing a car cut down to its component parts, and they need it turned around before -- "Chop shop," Tim interrupts. Tim's face is suddenly confused as he sort of half whimpers, "So stupid!" Billy asks if Tim has a better plan, and Tim runs his hair through his hair to connote "wit's end" and says "Yeah, Billy! We had a plan! We just had a party and raised buckets of money!" Billy can't believe how naive Tim is: that money went to two trips to the pharmacy and one meeting with the specialist. The money is gone. Billy asks again if Tim has any other plans, and Tim turns to his brother and bravo, Taylor Kitsch! You are no bloody-handed Matt Saracen burying his own father, but I think there's some true emotion here. He seems so wonderfully young as his voice cracks and he pleads with his brother: "Yeah, Billy! This was our plan. Riggins' Rigs!" Billy assures him that it's temporary, and that he's doing this for his family, so he doesn't go bankrupt, for his baby. Tim just shakes his head and walks out of the garage.

Tami sighs about how much she loves this college. You know, this one, whichever Boston school it is. I never got bit by the Boston bug, apparently. Who wants to go to school there? Tami and Julie sit down on a bench with their coffees, Julie exasperatedly says she knows this is Tami's favorite school. Tami asks if she ever told Julie this was her first choice, and Julie brats "Only, like, a million times... but no pressure or anything, right?" Tami gets confused and wonders what Julie's talking about, and Julie -- getting the sort of atonal sarcasm just right in her voice -- declares that Tami would have disowned her if she didn't apply to this college. Tami's brow is furrowed. Julie says that she feels like her mother has been staring over her shoulder during the whole college application process; Tami won't stand for this revisionist history! She says she has been trying to help her in the process, but the decision is Julie's. Tami just wants to support Julie, "Ya get me?" she asks. Julie just shortly replies, "Yeah." I've gotta say, I'm with Tami here. Julie's sudden complaint has too many of the hallmarks of a teen looking for something to get dramatic and martyred about.

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Friday Night Lights




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