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Cut over to Landry's garage where Crucifictorius practice is under way. Crucifictorius's new song apparently involves the lyrics: "Shooby du wahhhh." Are they still Crucifictorius? In any case, Devin is trying to harmonize with Landry, but Landry just can't hit the notes. They stop playing, and Devin asks if something's the matter. I love Devin's delivery so much all the time. It's like she's a very gentle and inquiring alien to this strange planet. Landry kind of mutters for a while before Jimmy, dorkily on drums, clarifies: "He got stood up." Landry says he didn't get stood up, the date was simply rescheduled. For Thursday. "Which might be a good thing, because Thursday is a more sexual night anyway." Landry clarifies: at 7 p.m. on Thursday, your brain has clicked into "weekend," but Wednesday is closer to Monday "and no one's getting busy on Monday." Devin shouts in endearing shock "Get busy?!" and Jimmy chimes in with some flair on the drums. God love these kids.

At Vince's house, Vince's mom brings the food five feet from the kitchen to the table despite both Jess's and Vince's obvious disbelief that she will be able to pull off such a feat. Her hands shake visibly as she pours tea from a pitcher. Jess asks her how she's been and she starts kind of rattling off a lot of language. She can't complain, well, she did lose her job at the hotel, but that was because it closed, she did some part-time cleaning work, that didn't pan out, that's because of night school. Vince tries to interrupt to get her out of whatever nervous-addict tube she's sliding through, but she keeps right on going, turning to Jess and saying "Do you know how amazing you are? Do you know how amazing?" Jess is stunned and Vince's mom continues, saying that when Jess was a little girl, a light just shined through her, and now she's become a beautiful young woman. Vince's mom's weirdness turns into heartfelt and kind of nice as she asks Vince, "I mean, isn't she beautiful?" and Vince stares straight at Jess and says, "She's gorgeous." What happened between these two already? I want to know! Also, what terrible football-related tragedy befell Jess's mom that makes her widowed father so anti-football? So many important questions!

Speaking of Jess's dad, Coach Taylor and his ragtag bunch of boosters are eating brisket at Ray's Bar-B-Q. Coach, single-fathering for the time being, has Gracie on his knee. They shoot the shit, and talk turns to Buddy Garrity's attempts to sell advertising during the radio broadcast of the game. Coach moans about how annoying Buddy's being with the radio stuff, but Deacon says he bought 60 seconds, "And I'm a preacher!" Coach calls out to Virgil behind the counter that this is some pretty good brisket; Virgil deadpans, "Now I can die happy." Coach's hair seems pretty kicked back and relaxed as he jokes to his pals, "I think he's warming up to me."

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