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Julie and Tami are in their hotel room, Julie devastated that the internet isn't working. This is truly a tragedy of immense proportions. Tami tries to engage her daughter like a human being, but Julie is mope central. Tami asks if she's okay; Julie takes a minute before coming clean: she know she should be excited about this trip, they've been planning it for so long, but it just seems like everything is happening so fast. Tami just nods and coos and confirms, and Julie says that she knows that she's letting her mom down. Tami tells her to "No, ma'am, don't go there." Julie confesses that she feels like a stupid mess, like "Hi, I got dumped!" and hanging around universities where she doesn't belong. Tami says that of course she belongs, she belongs wherever she wants. Julie thinks that all these interviews seem so fake, like telling them how great she is when she feels like such a mess. Tami gives her a hug and tells her that all she needs to do is go in and be herself, and look at it all as an opportunity. For her future. Julie, clearly not convinced, gets up to go take a shower.

Commercials. Vince is on the couch at home going over his playbook when Bad Gold Chain Kid-- ahem, Calvin comes in, grabs a Sprite and tries to tempt Vince into some Grand Theft Auto. Not the video game. This guy sure is one baby-faced, doe-eyed delinquent. He says it's boring stealing cars without Vince. Vince says that he wishes he could, but he's got to study some plays. You know how it goes. Calvin tries another tack: tempting Vince to come out to the courts for some hoopin'. But Vince says he can't do that, either -- you know, practice. Calvin mutters that he guesses Coach comes first. Vince swears that "it ain't like that" but Calvin just gives him a few sighing "Alrights" and goes out the door.

Tim is inside getting nattered at some more by Becky. She's giving him job interview advice. Oh, sweet Lord. She says he needs to have a presence! Walk tall! Sit with his shoulders pulled back, like there's a beam of energy coming out of his chest! Everything like such as! She forces him to get up and try for himself, and Tim obeys, because he's about as confused when it comes to daddy/boyfriend issues as Becky is. He walks tall, sits down, and hands his resume over to Becky. Becky wonders "What kind of situation are you looking for," which is kind of endearingly old-fashioned language to use. My husband and his little brother used to "play" work, and when they did they used the word "hypodontic" a lot -- because it was a word that sounded grown-up and business-y to them. Kind of like "situation" does for Becky. Tim answers that he's looking for a situation where "I can achieve something, be proud of it, and do it start to finish, on my own." Tim Riggins! Spokesman for the Little Guy! Becky wonders if Tim wants to know what she thinks (oh come now, Becky, why bother asking first? We all know you'll tell us anyway): "I think you're a strong person, and an honest worker, and you can grow up to be whatever you want to be, Tim Riggins." Oh, for the love of dialogue, people!

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Friday Night Lights




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