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Luckily we are saved from more of Becky's groaners by Luke Cafferty knocking at the door. Tim says it's probably for Becky, and she jumps up to get the door, but Luke asks for Tim. Ouch! Tim walks outside -- "Fours!" -- and asks what's up. Luke tells him that he got hurt real bad at the farm, everything he's doing in practice makes him feel like his leg is getting ripped off, and he's gone through three weeks of meds in one. Tim tells him what to do: "Dr. Kooney. Mental note this." When Luke sees him, he has to tell the doctor how great he was at TMU, and then answer four questions in the following way: "No. No. Yes. No." Luke shakes his hand and goes off in search of his Texas destiny in the form of an oxycodone addiction.

Landry and Jess are in the front of his car, but all her brothers are in the back, for some reason. Landry's doing some high-quality dorky imaginative play (pronouncing the "w" in "sword") and the brothers are eating it up. Jess tells them it's bedtime and sends them inside. Before they leave, though, they leave some food for thought: "Aren't you going to kiss?" one asks, while another declares "Vince is gonna kick your butt!" They run off and Landry is left with this total shit-eating grin on his face, "What'd they say about Vince?" Jess doesn't answer, so Landry leans over to kiss her but gets the dreaded diversion to the cheek kiss! She gets out of the car, leaving Landry with his shark-on-a-stick toy which is the least sexual thing I've seen in a long time, no matter that it's Thursday.

Back in Boston, Tami and Julie navigate the busy streets looking for a vegetarian restaurant. Julie just wants to go back and order room service. Tami insists dinner out will be fun. And, P.S. Julie, you're a vegetarian who is regularly made to eat at Ray's B-B-Q restaurant back home! But Julie insists on moping. Her mom stops her and says that she knows she's sad about Matt, but they're here, and this is a great opportunity! Okay, even though I'm on Tami's side, this much brightness can get grating, especially when so out-of-place in fucking dreary Boston. Tami wants Julie to see the bigger picture. Julie doesn't know what that big picture is, and Tami says it's about her life, getting into the school of her dreams. "You mean the school of your dreams," Julie retorts. Tami gets short and tells Julie to stop acting like Tami is masterminding her applications; Julie has always wanted to go to a great school. Julie snarks that she's so sorry that she's not giving a command performance. Tami has reached her wit's end and she tells Julie that she can either show up to these interviews and be her best self, or she can blow it because of a break-up. Which she will regret for the rest of her life. Julie wonders what she wants from her, and Tami makes the mistake of thinking her poor, emotionally exhausted daughter is a grown-up: "I want you to pull it together, hun! Try harder!" Julie looks as if she's been slapped in the face, because she doesn't realize how many times in her life she is going to be completely bereft but still have to keep her shit together for the sake of her career, her family. Teenagers think that being bereft is a sacred state, and I guess that is actually really sweet of them. Julie turns on her heel and walks away from Tami.

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