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Commercials. Julie is in her interview, having obviously pulled herself together. She talks about reading all of Capote's short stories and how amazing she thinks it is that he and Harper Lee were best friends, that two amazing artists found each other in such a small town. Oh my God, just like Matt and Julie did! Sniff! The interviewer thinks this is pleasant enough conversation, because her heart is wizened by urban living and she can no longer be moved by anything. She asks if there's anything else Julie wants to say, and Julie pauses for a minute before pulling out the big guns: making East Coast urban-types realize how completely small and insignificant their experience of life is. She says that when she started high school, all she could think of was getting out of Dillon. Every book was like a rung on a ladder to escape a town that was all about high-school football. But now that she's close to leaving, she's starting to appreciate that she was shaped by her town. "I have a different viewpoint than every other person." She's surprised by how happy she is to be from where she is. Go, Julie Taylor! Seriously, suck it New York, LA, Boston (not Chicago: because everyone knows Chicago is the best city in the whole country, kind of like Dillon with an opera).

Tim, donning a suit for the second time this week, gets ushered out of Sears by an employee who has nothing but good things to say about Tim's resumé. Tim makes sure to point out that his resume is up-to-date, you know has the State Championship on there and everything. Aww! Tim thinks that he could really have a sense of achievement working at Sears, and the guy says that he thinks Tim would be a good fit. Tim breaks into a wide smile, shakes his hand, but then hears the dreaded, "So we'll be in touch," which even Tim Riggins knows means "You'll never hear from us again."

Julie finds Tami waiting for her on a balcony that runs the length of the building, overlooking downtown Boston. Tami just says "So?" and Julie wonders if that's Tami asking her how it went. Tami doesn't push and just says Julie can tell her whatever she wants. But Julie's feeling high right now and she tells Tami that it went great, she went in there and totally kicked ass! Tami squeals and they hug. Tami tells her that she would be proud of her no matter what and wants to clear up some things about this being Tami's "dream school": "You see? I got my dream. I went to a good school, I got the degree I wanted, I met your dad, and I had you. You're my dream, baby. I got what I wanted, I got it all." Tami Taylor, speaking life's truth once again. Tami reminds Julie that their plane isn't 'til later that night; they could get a hot fudge sundae or coffee or something. But Julie has just one request: "Can we just go home?"

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