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In true FNL season finale tradition, we get our montage. We open on shots of blooming spring flowers, and then a ball flying through the bright blue sky. This show rewards visual memory beautifully -- this shot of a ball slicing across the unbelievable Texas sky brings me right back to the same shot we got at the beginning of Season Two, when we opened with everyone at the community pool. That opening sequence remains one of my absolute favorite ones of the entire series. Crucially, the ball flying through the air is not a football, but a baseball, and as it lands in the mitt of a Dillon baseball player, the caption "5 months later" appears at the bottom of the screen, and we go into the montage, set to a very sweet Jakob Dylan song that I've never heard, "Something Good This Way Comes."

Tim and Billy walk out of a tux rental place, all warm weather smiles. Buddy and Coach Taylor play golf and josh around. Tim and Lyla lay out in the Riggins' backyard, Lyla looking smoking in her bikini, Tim dangling two beers by their necks as he leans in to kiss her. Matt and Julie are at the movies, Matt's arm around his love, laughing at the screen. Landry and Tyra are at the lake, Tyra sitting all long legs and bikini on the edge of a dock, Landry getting out of the water in a dripping t-shirt and, get this, water shoes. They kiss in the late afternoon sun. Tami and Coach walk around a little blue car at Buddy's car dealership, apparently looking at it to buy for Julie. Then over in the high school cafeteria, it's a waffle breakfast, and everyone's there.

The music fades out, as Tami takes the podium at the end of the cafeteria, a handmade sign behind her declaring that this is the Dillon High Annual Senior Brunch. She makes announcements concerning our beloved characters: Matt Saracen is going to "the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago." Applause. Tim Riggins is going to San Antonio State. Applause. "And Lyla Garrity, number two in her class, will be attending..." perfect pause from Tami Taylor here, "...San Antonio State next year." Her intonation is perfectly flat. And Tyra Collette? Tami tells everyone to give her a big hand for doing such a great job as student council President, and then bluffs that Tyra is "in the process of making a decision about some real exciting possibilities." Angela shouts out from the crowd "She's been waitlisted at UT!" to Tyra's mortification. As Tyra shushes her mother and brushes her hair from her face, you can see that she's feeling the twinge that comes from her "exciting possibility" being that she's been waitlisted at a university.

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