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Angela puts lip gloss on Mindy, in her sweetly trashy open-backed wedding dress. Some of the show's curiously missing Mexican-Americans sin and play Peter Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way" at the front of the Veteran's Hall. Have to love a wedding that opens with Frampton. Almost, but not quite, as good as the wedding I went to where the bride walked down the aisle to Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" -- which I'm not sure she realized is not so much about a perfect day spent with your boyfriend, but rather a perfect day spent with a syringe of HEROIN. Anyhow. The attendants walk down the aisle in horrible mauve satin. Tami scoots into the hall at the last minute wearing a very hot grass green sheath. She sits down next to Coach and takes his hand, and looks intently into his eyes. Coach stares back at her, registering what her eyes are telling him. He turns his head to stare straight ahead for a moment and then turns back to Tami and whispers: "You gotta be kiddin' me." She leans toward him and whispers that the board voted to offer the job to Wade Aikman. Pause. Pause. Tim Riggins walks down the aisle in a white tux and white cowboy hat. We are distracted for a moment. Cut back to Tami -- who is really drawing the situation out dramatically there for her husband -- who finally adds: "And, hun. The board wants to offer you the position of Head Coach for the East Dillon Lions." Pow! Wow! Nice set up for next season there. I mean, it's fairly unbelievable -- given the compressed season -- that the job would go to Wade, since all the guy really did was call one decent play all season. But I'm totally willing to go with this, because it could lead to some great television next season, and also because I totally trust that, had the writers had 23 episodes, they could have made that Wade storyline more natural.

Okay. So Angela walks Mindy down the aisle to the warbling song and Coach just stares straight ahead of him. Abrupt cut to the reception, where everyone is getting down on the dance floor. Landry and Tyra, Julie and Matt, and Buddy and... Angela. Oh, snap! Very nice detail? The band is on a slightly raised platform, but since the reception is in a Veteran's Hall, the lead singer's sweaty head is about two inches from the low, dropped ceiling. Lyla sits at her table kind of moping. Tim catches her eye and walks over to her. Another nice detail? Lyla is totally wearing a dark green dress that she's worn before, and which I specifically remember Tim telling her that he liked. Tim plucks a rose from a centerpiece and presents it to Lyla; she morosely informs him that she needs to tell him something. She starts prattling a bit, assuring him that this is a "crazy idea" about going to Vanderbilt, and they asked her uncle and he said he would help, but she just wanted to tell Tim because she actually isn't thinking about doing this at all. "I'm sorry I would even think of doing something like that without talking to you first..." Tim finally interrupts her and says: "Go." Lyla quickly says that she doesn't want to, all she wants is to be with him. Tim tells her that he loves her: "so much." But that she's better than San Antonio State, they both know it. He tells her that he's not going to be the guy to stop her: "Don't make me be that guy." Lyla glances around her, tears in her eyes, and Tim tells her once more: "Go."

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