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The wedding continues, folks chat and smile. Julie hangs a spoon from her nose and makes a peace sign with her fingers -- just a little nonsensical detail that kills me a little bit dead. Over at the bar, Coach drinks a glass of beer. Tami sits alone at her table, staring. The elder Taylors are doing a lot of confused staring this episode.

The wedding continues some more, the band is now jamming "Mustang Sally." Lyla smile and dances with her dad. Various dance floor shenanigans. Julie is dancing extremely cutely with Landry. She catches Matt's eye, as he sits morosely at his table. She goes over to Matt and sits down to chat. Her hair is crimped, and this show continues to kill me dead tiny bit by tiny bit. Julie goes from zero to sixty here -- moving from asking Matt to join her on the dance floor to proposing they break up. She tells him that she doesn't want to be Debbie Downer but he's going away and is going to meet new people, and she doesn't want to be that high school couple who are always getting in fights over the phone, and never see each other. "I love you. I just think we should break up." Matt Saracen proves that he's going to be the best husband in the world because he just looks at her and says, "No." Julie tells him that it's not a yes or no question, but Matt tells her that he loves her and they'll be fine. He pulls her into his lap, and tells her once more how it'll be fine. And I usually don't notice much of this -- but I think I sense a little awkwardness here between Zach Gilford the twentysomething and Aimee Teagarden the actual teenager. Like it seems like Zach Gilford is feeling guilty for macking on a girl this young. Anyhow they kiss and watch people dance for a little bit. Julie muses that Matt's grandmother would have really liked this wedding. Matt gets an idea.

Cut to Matt striding down the hallway in Grandma's new home. He tells her to take her curlers out of her hair and he's taking her to a wedding. See, she does need her dresses! He tells her that after that, he's going to take her home. "For good." Grandma protests, but Matt interrupts her to say that she's the only person that's never left him: "I'm not gonna leave you." She stops protesting and asks sweetly, "You mean, go back home?" She bursts into a pleased chuckle and tells him she's going to need her chair.

Back at the wedding, Coach leads Tami onto the dance floor. She smiles and rubs her hand along his back as they dance and sighs, "What a sucky day, hun." Coach quips that at least the ribeye was good, and then tosses one to us out here wondering why they are at the wedding in the first place: "I don't even know why we're here. I don't even know Billy Riggins." Tami laughs it off, explaining that they must just think very highly of them. Coach kisses her on the cheek and they pull back a bit to look into one another's face. Tami quietly and so romantically tells him that no matter what happens, she is always going to be behind him. Coach whispers that he knows that. Meanwhile, Matt is threading his way through the tables with Grandma clasping his hand. They make their way onto the dance floor, where Matt spins and sways with Lorraine while Julie looks on, obviously in love with Matt in large part because of how wonderfully he treats his grandmother. I love how these teenagers are so full-hearted (in addition to hormonal and bratty). The camera pans around and shows us all the couples on the dance floor -- Tyra and Landry, Lyla and Tim, Coach and Tami, Mindy and Billy -- holding one another close, in that happy-wedding-exhaustion-heart-swelling-for-the-one-you-love moment. Ah, life. This show makes me love it.

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