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Commercials. Everyone's crowded outside of the hall -- it's the Dillon Lodge, not actually a Veteran's Hall like I thought it was. The point is: it's a little tin-sided shack. Coach steers Tami outside, and Connie Britton's body is, I'll say it again, ridiculous. I mean, seriously. Coach tells Tami he wants to take her someplace and they head off. Mindy and Billy come out into the crowd amidst cheers and rice throwing and head to get into the limo. Tim jumps into the frame from the side and insists he needs a minute with Billy. Mindy tells Tim he's an idiot, but Tim collars Billy and excitedly tells him that Lyla's going to Vanderbilt. Billy is like, what does that have to do with anything? Tim tells his brother that it means that he doesn't have to go to college now, since Lyla was his sole purpose in going. Riggins Rigs! We're in it together! (Please note that Tim's vision of this successful business venture involves "popping beers and gettin' off early.") Billy grabs Tim and pulls him a bit further to the side and you know he's about to drop some wisdom on the boy. He calls him a "little idiot" and instructs Tim that he is not going to wuss out, he's going to go get a degree. Billy says that whenever it gets too hard, Tim needs to think of the kids he doesn't have, and also about the kids that Billy and Mindy don't have yet. He needs to think of these kids and realize that when he gets a degree, those kids will know that they don't need to settle for second best, that they can be whatever they want to be. Tim's face falls. Billy: "God bless our mom and dad, wherever they are. But we gotta do better by our kids." Geez, man. I don't know how exactly that line of argumentation is really going to work on an eighteen year old, but okay. Tim obediently tells Bill that he hears what he's saying, the two brothers hug it out and Tim and Mindy get into the limo -- awesome eighties style boxy white limo -- and head off for their honeymoon. Angela is choked up watching her girl go, Buddy puts his arm around her and draws her in close, uh oh!

Cut over to Coach and Tami, bathed in the golden light of late afternoon. And, seriously, this lighting on them would make me laugh -- The Holy Ascension of the Taylors -- if it weren't actually representative of how I think about them. Tami Taylor is always aglow in my mind. The camera pulls back and we see that they're at a shabby football field. The stands are tiny, the field is pocked, the fence is in total disrepair. They stand in the middle of the old East Dillon field and the camera circles them as they look around, daunted but together. Their backs to us, they put their arms around one another and the camera pulls back and up and up, the sun glinting off the lens, but not enough to blind us to the fact that the Taylors have their work cut out for them...

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Friday Night Lights




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