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On the football field, Coach stands in the middle of his team, circled around him. He tells them they are now officially released until August 1. They all cheer. Coach makes one final announcement: J.D. has been named Dave Campbell's High School Football Quarterback of the Year. The "Dave Campbell" thing refers to the guy who publishes Texas Football Magazine. I'm wondering if he's in the habit of giving that reward to a kid who got pulled from the State Championship? Although J.D. did have some glorious moments the rest of the season, I guess. Off to the side, Joe McCoy makes strongman arms at the announcement of his son's achievement. Good thing to see he's keeping in shape to make the next beating his gives J.D. really stick. Coach releases his kids for the summer and watches J.D. and Wade Aikman walk off the field, arms around one another.

Somber music starts as we cut over to Tami in a meeting with Superintendent Jerk. He tells Tami that Eric's contract is up for discussion at the next board meeting and gives her a chance to recuse herself from the meeting. Tami is surprised at this "option," and he explains that he's worried she won't be able to stay "objective" during the heated contract negotiations. She tells him she has lots of confidence in her ability to be professional and he just says "okay." She pauses and then asks if there's "a, a question? about Eric's contract for next year?" All Superintendent Jerk says is that the negotiations are complicated.

Buddy and Eric are in Buddy's car driving somewhere. Buddy's giving Coach the hard sell commercial for the Chevy Aveo the Taylors were looking at. Coach tells him to cool it, he doesn't want to hear about the car, and then says that he doesn't like what they're going to go do. "Recruitment, I know everybody does it." Buddy splits hairs and says that it's not "recruitment" because that would be illegal, it's simply "a visit." Cut to Buddy and Eric inside yet another perfectly art-directed Texas home: wood paneled, cool and dim ranch house living room. Buddy's now giving a kid and his parents the hard sell about Dillon Panther football until the father interrupts and says that he can save it: they've made their decision -- Shane is going to go to Dillon High. Buddy chuckles, while Eric just sits silently next to him, looking tightly pleased, his hair a big summer mess atop his head. The father leans forward saying he has just one question: "Who's the Head Coach?" What? Buddy chuckles some more and says, well it's Eric of course. The father explains that last wee, "when they came by..." Coach narrows his eyes and speaks for the first time, "When who came by?" The father explains, it was Wade and "who was that other fellow?" Oh, just Joe McCoy. When they came by they made it seem like Wade was the one making the decision. Eric's hair suddenly looks less like Summertime Free and Easy and more like Summertime BEATDOWN.

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