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Credits. Saracen house. Shelby, packing some boxes, asks Grandma if she needs all these dresses. She's holding this incredibly heartbreaking full-length beaded formal grandmother dress. Lorraine insists she does, Matt exposits that she's just going fifteen minutes away. But Grandma needs to make sure she has all her things. Oh, dear. This storyline is not going to be good for me. As we've all seen, something about the Saracen house has just taken me from the very first episode, and to watch it coming undone, Grandma moving to an assisted living facility, the whole thing left to stand a molted shell, no inside, no guts... I'm just not going to be able to take it. Julie notices a framed picture in a box and giggles and brings it over to Shelby to see. Matt protests, it's a picture of him in seventh grade -- and Zach Gilford was quite sweet looking in the seventh grade. Lorraine laughs and looks at it. Matt reminds her she doesn't have to take everything with her, but Lorraine says that she's taking this picture. "What if you're at college, and I wake up and have one of my spells and can't..." briefest most perfect pause, "remember you. I'll look up on my wall and there you'll be. That smile. That precious, precious boy." My soul hurts right now. And, clearly, so does Matt's.

Lyla walks into Tami's office, where Buddy and Tami are waiting to talk to her about going to San Antonio State. Tami gently relates that both she and Buddy have some concerns over the quality of the school for her. Lyla exposits that it's done, she's paid tuition, enrolled, she's going. Buddy protests that it's a party school, and Lyla does a perfect teen stiff-neck-refuse-to-look-at-you response, saying that it is NOT a party school. Buddy gets a little heated, expanding his take on San Antonio State to saying it is "crap ass" and the only reason she's going is because Tim Riggins is. Lyla heats up in response, suggesting that maybe Buddy should not have blown all her college money on tearing up a strip club. Tami finally interrupts, saying she doesn't want to interfere, but she did call Vanderbilt and confirmed that they would extend the decision to Monday, and that they will still take her if Lyla decided to go. Highly unlikely, but, okay. Lyla wonders how they would pay for it, and Buddy sheepishly tells her that he thought they could call Uncle Gary. Gary Garrity? Whoa. Lyla reminds her father that Gary hates him, but he says that since this is all his fault, he'll do anything to help her go to Vanderbilt. Except, it seems, APPLY FOR STUDENT LOANS? I just have a hard time suspending disbelief when it comes to television college decisions because they always act like everybody in America doesn't fund their college education by going deep into debt. It's like what EVERYONE does, right?

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Friday Night Lights




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