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Applebee's. Landry picks Tyra up and she's all het up, banging her hands against the dash of his car. She's pissed because Jenny Warwick got into Brown, and then came to Applebee's to celebrate. I would have thought "Brown" would at least call for The Olive Garden, but what do I know. Tyra thinks the whole thing is a perfect metaphor for her future -- Tyra serving people who got into college. Landry tries to reassure her about getting into UT, and Tyra reminds him that she's on the waitlist and all she can do right now is WAIT. Landry suggests that they go to UT and find the admissions officer and make a pitch. Tyra thinks that's desperate. And Tyra is right. But Landry thinks they should do something other than sitting around and beating on his car.

Coach walks up the ridiculously portentous steps to the McCoy McMansion. Joe wears a mantle of smugness as he offers Coach water and wonders what he can do for him. Coach stands near the door, not willing to step even one foot further into Joe McCoy's world. He tells Joe that he understands he and Wade were over at Shane DuBuque's the other day: "I think you must imagine the way that makes me feel." Oh, Coach. Do not talk of emotions with this soulless capitalist. Joe confidently tells Coach that he didn't feel Coach was moving aggressively on Shane and so had to step in. Coach finally tells it to him straight: "Joe you do not represent this team." But, oh, Joe McCoy -- whose long face and square chin are totally reminding me of Guy Smiley -- comes right back at Coach. Coach may have the might of right, but Joe McCoy has money: "Well, I backed up a truckload of cash for this team. Without my son, there is no team. So as far as I'm concerned I do represent this team."

This scene is really tense. The two men are completely restrained, but this is a death struggle right here. Coach asks if Joe is trying to replace him, and that's when Joe makes Coach an offer. Eric guarantees that next season J.D. starts every game, and Wade calls his plays. Coach reminds him that Mac calls his plays, and Joe just says, so so so smugly: "I know." Coach tells Joe that he doesn't care how much money Joe has, or how well he thinks his boy can throw a football, but right now Joe isn't just toying with Coach's livelihood, he's threatening his family. Joe -- who is now giving me chills -- says innocently that he isn't threatening anyone, he's just giving Coach an opportunity. Coach tells him that he's sure Joe knows what he can do with his "opportunity" and walks out.

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Friday Night Lights




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