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Commercials. Lyla walks up to Billy's auto shop, now all spruced up with signage -- "Riggins Rigs" and a plastic steer mounted over the entrance, and we hear Tim and Billy bickering inside over whether someone is pushing the broom hard enough. Okay, brothers. Lyla walks in and Billy is pushing Tim around in a chair, Tim holding a broom, and they're apparently trying to sweep the floors of the shop this way. I love this. Together, they're like a Junkyard Wars Roomba. Lyla laughs when she sees them, Tim jumps up and they stand, arms around one another, and talk talk talk. It's hard to figure out what they are talking about because it is LYLA GARRITY and TIM RIGGINS CROTCH 2 CROTCH. Basically we find out that Billy and Tim are headed out of town in a minute to go to an auction to buy a hydraulic lift, and then that Lyla lies to Tim about what Tami wanted to talk to her about. "Just something about my schedule" she demurs. Your schedule for what? I thought it was like the last week of school?

Landry and Tyra on the campus of UT. Landry waits outside as Tyra walks into the office of the admissions officer. She explains that she's on the waitlist and then proceeds to deliver a lame speech about appreciating being on the list and that she just wanted to tell him that going to UT is a dream of hers, and she just wants to know if there's anything she can do to help her chances. The officer tells her that she needs to understand that they get 35,000 applications per year, and they put 1,000 people on the waitlist. Tyra is clearly taken aback by the number: "A thousand? A thousand people got that letter?" The admissions officer just sighs.

Tami and Coach sit in the bleachers looking out onto the field. They're both somber in sunglasses. Tami turns to her husband and says she thinks he needs to be present at the meeting. He's short with the situation, saying that there's nothing he could do or say to save his job if they want to hand the team over to Joe McCoy. Tami doesn't think this is a good strategy and Coach, again, short (not with her, just with the whole thing), notes that "that's cuz it's not a strategy, hun." Ah, there's the thing about Coach. It's the thing we love, but also the thing that bites him in the ass: he does not usually have a strategy. He only has a heart. Tami tells him that she's starting to think they might need a strategy this time. Coach tells her that he can't out talk or outspend Joe McCoy, and that he's given everything he has for the team, and that's what he can hold on to, he won't give up his pride. Tami quietly assures him that he should never give up his pride, but she thinks that if he doesn't fight for the job, they're going to regret it. He turns to look at her, she looks at him -- and these two, Jesus Lord, even with sunglasses on, when they look at one another there's just always a story there. You just always want to know more. To hang out with them just a little longer.

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Friday Night Lights




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