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Auction. The auctioneer is standing behind -- shit-you-not -- a repurposed church pulpit. He fast-talks his way through some items, one of which is a barber chair. Billy, commenting on the barber chair: "That's stupid." Not stupid? The next item, an owl made from the hide of a rear end of a deer. Who knew if you stuck two big yellow eyes either side of a deer's tail, it'd look like an owl. Now we know! Finally, it's time for the hydraulic lift. Billy starts bidding. Another guy in the audience bids against him. Tim is the cutest wingman ever invented. I just get the feeling that this season the writers just unleashed Taylor Kitsch's personality. And Taylor Kitsch and Tim Riggins just sort of melted together to make the most endearing person ever invented. Tim is on the edge of his seat, so sweetly earnest and wrapped up in this bidding war, and when they finally win it for $1200, both Rigginses jump up and chest bump and Tim whoops and hollers in excitement. Boys' first rural auction. They sit back down, and the auctioneer introduces the next item: a Texas Longhorn Steer. Tim scoots back to the edge of his seat; he's got an idea. He tells Billy that he will defy anyone to drive past Riggins Rigs if they have that steer out front and NOT come in. They get the steer, they get customers for life. "Things happen for a reason, Billy." Billy -- wearing a Landing Strip Dillon, Texas t-shirt (!) -- as he always does, listens intently to his cockamamie brother.

Cut over to the Taylors, who are leading Julie out into the front yard with a fishing hat draped down over her face. They tell her that this is for her grades and for helping around the house and with Gracie Bell, and for being a beautiful and amazing daughter. They take the hat off her head and show her the little blue car they've bought her. Julie is excited -- first checking that this is really hers, not a "family share" or something? Her father hands her the keys and clarifies that they'll get the first payment, and then they'll split the insurance and the rest of the payments with her. Love that detail! What great parents, making her take some responsibility for it. Julie runs to get in the car and revs the engine. Coach deadpans that he hadn't thought of her actually driving it, and Tami hands Gracie to Coach and cutely runs to get in the car with Julie, "Wait for me! Wait for me!" she sing songs. Tami coos and exclaims about how there's still plastic on the floor as they both put their seat belts on. But something crosses Julie's face and Tami notices. Tami asks her if this isn't what she wanted, and Julie rushes to assure her that the car is perfect. But she still looks morose, and Tami reaches out to smooth her hair a bit. Julie opens up, telling her mother that it's stupid but she just never thought that Matt would really move away, that all her friends would be leaving high school. "Just kind of feeling left behind." Aimee Teagarden is like the Platonic teenager, with that blonde hair and round face. Tami quietly agrees with her daughter that it's a lot of change. Julie, teary, says that she's really proud of Matt, but... and she sort of breaks off a bit. Tami tells her daughter that what she's feeling is not stupid, it's "a hard, hard thing." She tells Julie that she and Matt have had a really nice relationship, and she doesn't know what's going to happen with it. If Julie and Matt are meant to be together, they will, and if not, there will be somebody else special for Julie. But Julie, oh Julie, she nails it right on the head when she responds: "But it's not Matt."

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Friday Night Lights




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