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Not making it any easier is Matt, who is the Mattiest Matt in the world. A Matt that would be impossible to replace. He's driving Grandma, while a song by Gary Jules plays. Google tells me that Jules also did the awesome cover of Tears for Fears' "Mad World" that was used in Donnie Darko, and that is one very cool piece of trivia for you there. May you go forth onto the internet and re-enjoy that song twenty times in a row like I just did. So, a pretty song plays, and Matt and his grandmother smile quietly at one another in the car. The camera follows them, shooting from a low angle, as they walk into a low-roofed building, Grandma's new "home." Inside, old folks play cards and sit around. Grandma clasps Matt's hand, greets people sweetly, telling people that this is her grandson, the quarterback. We move into Grandma's room, where Lorraine and Matt work on unpacking a few boxes.

Oh, here it comes. The ugly cry. Again. On rewatching, I've pinpointed what does it: it's the fact that, on the wall above her single bed, which is tucked into a corner in the small room, above that bed are two flourescent light fixtures. That is not home. It isn't fair. Finally, Grandma turns to Matt and tells him to go home. He protests, he wants to make sure that she's settled in there, but Grandma finally acts like the guardian that we have been assuming she has always been but which we've rarely had the chance to see over the last three years. She knows she needs to protect Matt here, she needs to be strong for him, and get him out of this place. They hug for a long moment, and Matt heads out of the room, but pauses just after he leaves. The camera catches a split-screen shot of Matt on the left, leaning against the wall just outside her room, Grandma on the right, inside her room, sitting on her bed. They both stare blankly ahead of them, and my heart breaks into a million pieces.

Commercials. Tyra and Landry in the car on the way back from Austin. Tyra is motor-mouth lamenting. She marvels over the one in a thousand odds, wonders why they don't just tell you to not even bother applying on the application form, snarks that she has a great job at Applebee's or maybe Mindy can get her a job at The Landing Strip, and then suggests that maybe she and Landry should just get married and "start popping 'em out." I wish Landry had said, "Um, I'm going to MIT, so I don't know what you're talking about." Landry finally pulls the car over to the side of the road and says that he can't take this any more. He storms out of the car -- wearing those awesomely awkward but sort of fantastically unique loose-laced huge army boots he wears -- and turns to Tyra who's followed him out into the field. He yells that he can't take her feeling sorry for herself, and says that she cares too much what other people think about her. Tyra laments some more, shouting that it isn't just a few people who think things of her, it seems like the whole world. She tells him to screw off, he has a 4.2 GPA and can go wherever he wants, he doesn't know how hard she's worked, yadda yadda yadda. Seriously. This is a snoozefest. And plus? HE TOTALLY KNOWS HOW HARD YOU'VE WORKED, TYRA. Because he's worked just as hard tutoring you! Geez. Anyhow, it's all heated and crying and sadness and YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND until Landry finally brings the conversation to its hackneyed climax, telling her that he doesn't care what anyone thinks about her, not even what she thinks about herself, but he believes in her. And she needs to start believing in herself. Hugs. End scene

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