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Over in another field, Timmy stands on the side of the road chucking rocks out into the field. Nice segue. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the first thing I thought of, cutting from Tyra's Field of Dreams to Tim's was when they broke up out in that field, in Season One, that brutal scene between two seemingly permanently broken people. So, here we are with Tim and Billy Riggins. The truck has broken down and Billy's messing around under the hood while Tim confesses that he doesn't want to go to college. Tim is wondering "Where's the me time?" The books he's had to get are 800 pages long, he has four classes in a row. "Where's the me time?" Billy tells him to shut up, and Tim mutters, "Just tellin' you my deal, man." Billy snaps at him to just get in the truck and crank the engine. Tim does it but the truck won't start. Tim wonders why Billy's messing with the alternator anyway, and Billy insists that's what the problem is, but Tim just nonchalantly is like, "No, it's the timing." Tim hops up on the front fender and dips his insane body towards the engine. Tim says you just need to listen to this baby, "she'll talk to you." Billy wonders if Tim is the Car Whisperer. Well maybe not that exactly, but I'd venture to say that Tim Riggins is pretty easily the "Under the Hood Whisperer," amiright ladies? Billy tries the engine and it starts right up.

But instead of being happy, Billy tiny man kicks his way out of the truck all pissed. He shouts about having just bought a damn garage and he can't even fix a damn car. Billy has to start making money on the garage like immediately, or he'll lose everything. Tim goes over to him and they lean against the side of the truck bed, and Timmy waxes poetic about how Billy's going to be living the American dream: his own business, own employees, go home, hang with the wife, "have a B here and there," watch the kids grow up, it's pretty darn cool. Billy doesn't think he really believes that, but Tim confesses that he wishes he were in Billy's shoes. Billy lets himself fantasize for a moment and says that it would be pretty cool, Riggins brothers sitting around all day fixing cars, drinking beer. They pause, thinking thoughts of the good life until Billy walks off, muttering that his plan better work: "Mindy's pregnant." Tim tells him to say it again, and then just goes pure joy on his face. He can't believe they have a "little football coming our way" -- and does this little pantomime of holding a football down near his crotch. Tim Riggins, such a boy, doesn't know what to do with the happiness, so he pulls his arms up into fake fighting posture and starts play fighting his brother: "You're kidding me!!!" They start grappling and Tim kind of high-pitchedly exclaims, "CONGRATULAAATIONS!" Billy picks Tim up and they both fall into the golden field, horsing around, "get off of me" "no!" that sort of thing, and thank you, Riggins brothers, you just took my smashed heart and sewed it all back together.

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